December 29, 2004

.: In Memory of Chang Ye Yann :.

Location :: Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia
Date :: 27/11/2004
Time :: Around 12:40 pm

I was walking within the bazaar of Tanjung Pinang when I received a call..

Caller :: Hei bai, where are u, what are u doin?
Me :: Hmm, I'm still in Indonesia. Goin back today..
Caller :: There's a bad news. Ye Yann passed away.
Me :: What???????????????????????????????????

I thought she was only kidding when she was always mentioning about terminating her own life. Yeah, she had problems, and I keep telling her that everyone got their fuckin' own problem and she's not so special for not be having one.

The last time I saw her was last Wednesday, when I pay a visit to both her and rosli in Muamalat, just before I left for JB. She seems to be happy, and keep saying that she missed the existence of me in the office, the one she is so used to.

The last thing I knew about her was, I'd really hope that she really went to church to join in the christmas recital when I was teasing her by saying you're a buddhist..

And now, why do i have to waste my tears for someone who doesn't want to listen to me, even though i was fuckin care and treasure all the things about her??

Yann, you know what....

I feel bad, you were having so much problems and then I left. I feel too bad for that. I love you just like if I have my own sister which I've longed for.

I will always be the 1st to arrive in the office, then rosli and you'll be the last to complete our members to have breakfast. Then we may go lunch together, or even sometimes when we're bored, we go out and chit chat, or even had walk in KLCC.

Yann, I miss u so much. Who do u have to? I even dreamt of you last nite, when I was getting so hard to get my eyes closed tight, I really dreamt seeing you and asked you WHY? You were half-smiling and you went away..

Yann, I miss u so much, and I'll be missing you so so much a lot. I miss the time we went to KLCC and look for your dresses. I'll miss the time when we go to Mid Valley and you will always tease Rosli to be introduced to all your friends. I miss to ride in your car and browsing thru all your cd collections.

I'll miss going shopping with you. I'll miss going to the wantan mee shop with you. Goin to bangi. I'll miss your laughs when I was looking at girls in Cyberjaya.

Then, I knew that I won't be able to talk to a lot as I leave EDS, but I don't know that it's forever.

Yann, I know you'll read this. Listen to me. I want you to know that I will always be missing you. No matter what, we're always a good friend. Come in my dream and I can always listen to you as we always do..

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