December 6, 2004

Boring :: Within these few last days..

.: Google Search for 'Izham' :.

I was searching through the google. Write in my name 'izham' and click.. Hundreds of results returned. When I was young, I never notice that there are many people has the same name as mine.

I've went through this one blog Rohadi's Blog. It was about a lady married to a guy named Harriz. But she was never in love with that guy, instead she's in love with a guy named Izham.

It was like a series of short stories. Go read it now if u don't wanna miss it. But of course it wasn't about me. Of course i've never known Nur Ain bt Hamdi. Guess that guy, Harriz is just being sincere for loving somone. I've never been to london, and being a romeo? Hmm....

.: Decision has been made :.

It was not an easy decision for me. I've already tendered my letter of resignation on the last Friday, after finding it to be not so comfortable to submit it on the previous day. In the morning, I've called Naresh and he informed Rosli about it. Later in the evening, he talked to me and we've jumped into conclusion that I'm final.

Even today, Naresh asked to talk but I'm just saying that it's final. It's sad to do such a thing. I do feel that i'm so harsh to do such thing but it's for myself.

So I'll just wait for my last day in here.. in EDS..

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