December 30, 2004

.: Visit to Tanjung Pinang (Last Episode) :.


On the third day, everyone was pretty cautious for the things that happened yesterday. Tsunami had attacked most of the coast facing the Hindi Ocean. Some friends called me asking whether I'm safe or instead as they really have no idea where exactly I was.

Nothing much for today except for the visit to RRI, which stands for Radio Republik Indonesia or Radio of Republic Indonesia. Well, Indonesians pronounced RRI not as "arr-arr-i", instead, it is pronounced "err-err-ee". I wonder why but it's true..

As in the picture, they were standing in front of the building of RRI for Tanjung Pinang. They even have the special Malay Edition of their radio, which meant for Melayu-Riau, listener, which they aired their programmes in Malay language (not indonesian). The channel can be captured quite clearly in Mersing, but not in the other parts of Johor or Malaysia.

Then we were taken to a Tea packing factory. I don;t really care as the people there were so unfriendly.. so what..

Then we went for shopping in the area aroung the hotel we stayed. I planned to buy a few things for friends back in Malaysia. Well, my mood was totally switched as I've got the call from Malaysia about the death of my friend. Then I bought nothing at all, except for a few pieces of Batik cloth.

I was half crying as I accompanied Izzat, Nain and Adzni shopping their things. As we have lunch, Yann's image was like appearing by my side. I started to miss her so so much by then.

Then we went off for Malaysia. Would you remember the face above? It's Ali Mamak (Jantan bin Osman) which was populared by the Santan Berlada comedy sitcom, years ago..

We reached Stulang Laut at about 5.30 pm and get back home.

It was a wonderful visit, but you know..

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