December 30, 2004

- Visit to Tanjung Pinang 2 -


So today is my first breakfast ever in Tanjung Pinang. They prepared fried rice, fried noodles and half boiled eggs.

I was about to wear shorts but as I was told that we're going to visit a mosque, I just wear my jeans.

So today we're actually going to Penyengat Island. It was actually called as Pulau Penyengat Indera Sakti. It used to be the center of the Riau Monarchy Empire.

At last, a picture of me being snapped. From left :: Unkle Fikri, his youngest son, his daughter, Me, Farah and Adzni, his eldest son.

We were on the boat to pulau penyengat. The most left is my mom. The rest is Unkle Fikri's Family members. The back there I don't know.

As we arrived on the island, we were first brought to the mosque. It was so special as some of the structure of the mosque was strengthen using the eggs.

This is the mosque.

Then we're brought to graveyards of the well known people like Raja Haji, all the sultans and so on. Pictures would tell...

In the picture was my uncle, his wife, my mom, farah and Izzat. Read the board behind 'em.

It was me standing at the entrace of the next graveyard.

This is a grave. Would u believe it? You must see the first one.

Then we were brought to the old shopping complex of the island.

An old well which was found here and still being used as I can still sniff the fragranced soap smells.

Then, we were brought to a series of castle, graveyard, shopping complex and a fort.

The castle. It is still being used. Renovation work in progress.


The fort which is situated on top of a hill. There were more 40 cannons were in use. Nowadays, only 11 of them left.

Izzat was sitting on an 8 feet cannon. Dun play play huh..!

When we finished the tour around the island, we were asked to wait as the locals were going to treat us with lunch. When I first sat and waiting, I thought they're goinna serve us with Tapai, instead it's nasi dagang wrapped with the leaves of Banana, and it does look like tapai.

Then we moved back to Tanjung Pinang island. I like this picture very much. It's my father. Do u like this picture?

Went back to our room, and relaxed. We were taken to Ramayana Shopping Complex. There's a Fun Zone. You know what..? In Malaysia, we pay RM1 for a token. In Indonesia they just need to pay Rupiah1000, equivalent of less than 50sen Malaysia.

Without wasting so much time, I played at the fun Zone and, I spent about rupiah 100,000 just to play games. I managed to get a tupperware for my mom and 2 Elephant dolls, one for Adzni's brother and anither one is for Farah.

At nite, there was a dinner, karaoke but I went out early as I went out with Izzat, Adzni and Nain.

Then we get sleepy as I do now..


(to be continued)

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