December 29, 2004

- Visit to Tanjung Pinang 1 -

I had a chance for the 1st time of my life to pay a visit to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. It's a visit conducted by the Welfare and Sports Club of Forestry Dept. of Johor. I'm supposed to write this journal earlier but it just that, you know it.

Tanjung Pinang is located somewhere south of Singapore, so for all other folks, I was safe and sound from the earthquake impact and the tsunami effect. Thank God.

It was the last Saturday, I woke up early and get myself ready for the visit. Reached Stulang at around 9.30 am and there was a sea of indonesian illegal immigrants waiting for their turn to take off back to Indonesia, either by ferry or by boat.

The immigration people there treat us quite well. It's quite easy for to walk in and out of the immigration. Once we're in we picked our seats and wait.

Suddenly, the ferry become full with more people coming in. I can see frightened faces of the visit group of people. They seems to be uneasy and uncomfortable. The taking off delayed till one hour. Anyway, we took off at 11, a delay of an hour. In fact, I tried talking to a few indonesians and they seems to be friendly.


Reached the port of Tanjung Pinang at around 2 o'clock. The captain has asked the indonesians to wait for their turn as to let people from Malaysia to get off the boat first. As the ferry reached the port, they disobeyed the captain's order and I myself is getting worried to be having to rush in squeeze myself with those people. Luckily, the attendant at the door asked the Malaysian to come out first. Kewl..

We walked to the hotel. It's Hotel Tanjung Pinang. It's just 5 mins walk from the port. We had quite a nice Lunch, and I get to know this one girl named Diana. She seems to be nice but not so pretty. She offered me her cell no. Hihi..

Visit Time :: We took bus to this one place known as the Village of the Fisherman, at Batu 10, Tanjung Pinang. We started with going to a place of handcrafts using sand. Then we move to a place selling Kerepek and later on we moved to the said Village. And we're supposed to be playing Volleyball!!!

@ Nite :: Own activity. Me and My Family went to dinner at a very special place. They even have special menu too!!

I was enjoying the food. Voluptiously tasteful!

Have u ever ate this? Ask for this when u went to Tg Pinang!!!

After dinner, went back home and zzzZZZZZZZZZZ....

(to be continued)

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