December 10, 2004

*giggles* :: Lazy days......

The rest of my life in KL...

I woke up everyday just to notice that I'm late. Since last week, I was wasting all my sweet time in the office, and I have to do this as I still have the time to do it.

I went out late at nite, seeing friends, or do whatever, even sitting at the bench of the bus stop and puffing Dunhil (yezza, I quit quitting smoking and Dunhil is always has been my favourite) alone, and think about what would I do next in my life.

I'm spending my 'sisa-sisa kehidupan' (the rest of the time I have) living in KL and working with EDS. So i'd be glad to spend time with all my good friends here. To mention everyone, efdza, wira, farok, fendi, chilli, omen, romdzi, gee and whoever else..

For the last weekend, I've invited to a lot of open houses; no less then 10 invitations but I managed to go to only few of them. And the last Sunday was so hectic. I was driving from KL, to Melaka and the to Seremban and back to KL..

I was eventually forgotten what has been happening. I remembered on Tuesday went to futsal. What are the good things happened lately..

Hmm.. Just to update.. I have no idea what to write.. (this edit window has been on since wednesday)

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