December 9, 2004

Movie :: The Shutter & the phenomenon behind it..

The phenomenon

It's all started with the study of the extra-ordinary phenomena that has been boggling the mind of so many photography enthusiasts. The unexpected images appearing in photographs since long ago has been put into study by the intellectuals; to discover the reasons and logical behind the weird phenomena.

As this extraordinary phenomenon has always been related to the multi-cultural and mystical asian people, it was well-known that the phenomenon has been known to be happening in the so-said civilised western people as can be visualized in the pictures below.

The above picture was taken in the latin america and look at the door behind them. This phenomenon was not only being known to people lately but it has been appearing in the snapped photographs a very long long time ago as in the below picture.

It is well related to life isn't it? As some people were saying that babies can see these invisible living thing until they can speak. This casper like ghost was being captured in this photograph. It does look like true as the baby was staring at it as we can see in the photograph below.

The Shutter

It's all started with Jane, the girlfriend of a photographer named Thun, knocked down a girl in the middle of the night while driving a car but decided to leave the dead body and drive away.

Later on, he discovered mysterious white shadows in his taken photographs. As he asks around, people were saying that it's an unrest soul that keep following him for a reason.

Trying to hide the truth behind it as Jane did notice strange things happened, as all his friend died as results of suicide, Thun himself was badly being annoyed by the spirit.

The Spirit :: Thun was recalling a girl, who used to be his 'bedmate', as I can interpret it, as he never reveal his affair with that girl to any of his friends. The truth is, his friends who died, raped her and caused a very bad trauma to her until she went home to her mother and died. This was unknown to anyone.

Thun, was having shoulder ache for no reason. He went for checkups and the nurse was amazed for his unbelievable weight at 120 kg. Jane herself find Thun acts really strangely all this while. She insisted Thun to go over the girl's house but when asked, the mother said, she's in the room. Up to their curiosity, they went up and found the dead body of the girl. The belief of the unrest spirit has now fully haunting them.

As this one fine day, Jane found a series of taken pictures, visualizing a movement of a spirit to look for something in the bookshelf. Taking it as a clue, he dug out the bookshelf and found the pictures of the girl being gangraped by Thun's friends, taken by Thun himself. Jane left Thun, and Thun became a psycho and was mental-hospitalized.

The girl was all this while riding on his shoulder, that cause his shoulder ache for the rest of his life, and she's still riding!!!

And I know most of u reading this from your office. The spirit maybe just behind u.


.: Rating :.
I Rate :: 3.5 stars

My Comment :: I was sleeping is some parts of the movie, but I guess, it was quite frightening as I was kept awakened by the people shouting around me..

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