December 14, 2004

Today is my futsal day..

I went back late for nothing. Was browsing through the internet and try to read all the emails kept in my email account. Most of them were, PORNS!

Goin out with Harliyan was not as fine as I would expect. Well, I had a very nice dinner, 2 plates of rice with grilled stingray & squids, portuguese style, it has been the all-time-favorite of me and my friends. She wasn't in the mood as I was as usual made a lot of fun about her. Ya know, make fun of people is a lot of fun, to me at least.

Guess, I was overdoing it. After receiving this one call, she seems to be moody and start to fly kite. She was mad at me, and as you people know me, I always avoid this kind of troubles by staying away. I've nothing to do with her problem anyway. I sent her back and got to bed early, as early as b4 12 midnite. Julie, salmi and ija texted me about so many things that I can just take a look at it in the morning.


I'm early today. Rosli found my shiny head amongst so many people surprisingly and asking for a brekfast together. As I was sitting and talking..

I saw this one figure, she seems to be familiar to me. It's Fiza, but..

I was too shy. So bad, i don't even dare to look at her. I was about to say hi. But.. em... i'm a pathetic guy. feel like wrapping my face with the newspapers. I'm just too shy then, and later an sms from her saying, " I think i saw u. is that u? Kat mamak tadi?"

Hehe.. i was about to reply but she called. I just say yes..... and...

..Chat whole day..

Then I'm office.. (just like when people say I'm home, is this correct?) I straight away called Fiza about the things happened. She called me again after that.

Nothing much to say. I'm glad seeing her for the first time after a very long time.

In the office, nothing to do rather than just chatting. Saieenan as usual talking about all the f*ctable girls she met on the net. I changed thoughts with Ija. Yan would never done with her apology for the last nite. Fiza and I were talking about so many things.

I asked a few people to come to our futsal game tonite. And Nicolai, the french guy from Murex were asking me about Anne, the new chix that has just reporting to Murex. All I can say about anne, she's not pretty, but just marvellous. I bet she would be hot on bed. I do think she's kinda kinky too.

Lunch with Rosli and Naresh. We were talking about the problem with BCB. BCB s*cks big time! Not even the bank is a total moron, the system is idiotic and the people running the bank are pathetically retarded, mentally, and obviously the guy heading the IT department is physically retarded, as well as his half eaten brain and smelly mouth.

Well.. that's how they speak over the table. I was just listening..

And now I've heard Anne's voice over Nicolai's handset, while he's smiling at me like a cursed bastard. I just don't get him. Anne doesn't like him at all but all this while he was telling me all his fantasy with Anne, and don't ask about how was describing how his spurts after he spanked his thing, visualizing Anne.

Sometimes, I'm just sick over this. And I do think everyone is not happy with me.. At this point of time.

I'm f*ckin stressed out.. urgh!!!! (exercise 3x)

So.. afterwards, I'm gonna meet Ieda @ the Coffee Bean Jalan Telawi Bangsar. Then gotta rush for my futsal session in Sports Planet Subang. Come come come.. cheap cheap..

Blegh... :p

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