October 13, 2006

Hazy Days..

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It does sounds like a name of a song. Oh yeah I've forgotten that it's actually the Rainy Days of Mary J. Blige. Anyway, I like the Thugs Mansion of Tupac much better, and hei, I don't get it why you people love that Teriyaki Boys song. It does sounds funny though.

Well, the hazeful weather has caused a lot of problems, especially health problems. Some other people were having problems in the air, on the road or even on the ocean. People who were involved in accidents claimed that the hazy weather had caused driving ability to be limited by the short sight distance. This is one of the accident happened during the hazy season, just recently recorded with my N70.

Most people experiencing heavy cough and flue due to his weather. Luckily i've just done with ny heavy cough and flu weeks back, where I can't stop coughing, even when to speak to people. I'v almost forgotten how did I manage to go through the bad cough. As I can remember, I took a tablespoon royal jelly honey (which is white in color) every morning. Morning means, as I woke up from my night sleep la, even before going to bath.

Worse, some people claimed that the weather had caused them bad thirst that they cannot fast. Real bad ass. Anyhow, I could still see them smoking. So I do think that actually haze is good for them.

As I went in to the mangrove jungle few days back, the view was so bad that it's even hard to see the big ships coming in into the river of Pulai, the place where the Tanjung Pelepas Port (PTP) reside. I went in with Liz, Hamzah and Ketak (not in the picture)

This is picture taken opposite of PTP. The distance was just around 2-3 hundreds of meters but it's really hard to see them.

Just recently, my Nissan Frontier was having acceleration problem. I suspected problems like stucked fuel injectors, or fuel filters. It happened when the car was taking corners and the engine jerks like hell when it's accelerating, especially when the boost is about to pump in. I was thinking it might be the turbine as whenever the turbine is about to start,the car jerks.

As I went in to the Nissan service center, I was greeted nicely by the service guy there and as I was explaining the problem to him, another old fella come approching us and starting to look into my engine bay. Then as I was showing him the jerking act of the car when I was driving, he said,

"Ni mesti pasal jerebu ni. Engine saya pun rosak pasal jerebu...!" (It must be the haze. Problem of my engine was caused by the haze too...!)

We were like.. errr.. what?

Well actually, the diesel that I was using contains water. The filter has some water inside it and it caused the fuel line to be not smooth. So, my car is okay now. Hehe.

* Eh, have i told u that I'm driving a Nissan Frontier now?

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