October 4, 2006

Spice up your life.

Classification :: Motivation, Personal

Do you find life is boring sometimes?

I do. Most people do.

Not to mention only life. Some people also find that their love life is boring. The work is boring. The TV is boring. The car is boring. The boss bores to death. Even sometimes the friends are boring too.

But why boring?

Same non challenging routines? Same face to see everyday? No excitements? No surprises? Same place u go to hang out?

Creating excitements works well. Same goes to having new things, changing routines or doing something with random unexpected results.

As for me, even the same sports rim for the past 2 years is enough to create the boredom in me. Hehe. So the above is the original 5-lugs Type-R sports rim from Honda Integra DC2, just being fitted (or fit eh?) into my car last Friday :)

So.. share it with me. Tell me what bores you (in whatever) and how do u handle it..?

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