October 14, 2006

Tagged by Boogie (Meme Take 5 Izham)

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1. Name 5 celebrities i would invite for my big party
  • Jessica Alba (I want her to sit on the throne like a queen)
  • Alicia Keys (I just wanna sit by her piano and listen to her)
  • Lindsay Lohan (I want her to be my date)
  • Antonio Banderas (My hero.. hahaha!)
  • Wan Norazlin (hahahahah! what do u think huh? astaghfirullah...)
2. Name 5 people I'd like to shake hand with
  • Osama bin Laden (if he really exist la)
  • Adolf Hitler (i adored his ability to make people listen to him)
  • Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (i met him a few times but i never had the opportunity)
  • Eric Mongrain (I adored his guitar playing skills)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci (i wanted to know exactly what was behind the paintings)
3. Name 5 people with the sexiest butt
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Nasha Aziz
  • Nur Fazura
  • J Lo?
4. Name 5 people that you'll probably wanted to take home on your date
  • Jessica Alba
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Nur Fazura
  • Siti Nurhaliza
  • Hillary Duff
5. Name 5 people that I want to apologize for Eid ul-Fitri

Err seriously no idea..

So please do not hesitate to tag yourself..

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