October 16, 2006

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Eh last Friday was Friday the 13th right?

These are just questions on our experiences during the Ramadhan till the day of Eid. I thought of this as I think everyone has their own good, bad, sad, and whatever moment during the Ramadhan and Raya. This is intended for muslim readers only but if non-muslim readers have their very own experience during Ramadhan, you're very welcome to do this. Maybe we can share something with each other through these question. You can do it in English or Malay.

1. How old are you when you started to fast?
(Berapakah umur anda ketika mula berpuasa?)

I guess 6, but i can remember I was fasting when I was 7.

2. Have u ever forgotten that you're fasting, and what have you done?
(Pernahkah anda terlupa yang anda berpuasa, dan apakah yang anda telah lakukan?)

I've forgotten that was the first day of puasa. I went driving up from JB to KL and as usual I dropped by the Senawang R&R to buy fruits. Without looking around, I took a honew dew and munched it all the way.

Suddenly the taukeh asked, "You tak puasa ka?" (You're not fasting today, are you?)

3. What you do like about Ramadhan?
(Apakah yang anda suka tentang ramadhan?)

I used to like the ambience when waking up for sahur. I also like to help my mom baking kuih. In my village, there's moreh (the provide food) after the tarawikh. I used to like going to the pasar Ramadhan. As people said, the moment when we sip our first drink during breakfast is the happiest moment ever.

4. What would you do if you really cannot stand fasting?
(Apakah yang akan anda lakukan jika anda benar2 tak tahan semasa berpuasa?)

Normally I'll play games. There was once I was working under the hot sun and I was really unable to hold, I stay in my car and sleep.

5. Any challenging activity during fasting, and how do you deal with it?
(Apakah aktiviti paling mencabar yang pernah dilakukan semasa bulan puasa dan bagaimana anda menghadapinya?)

Cooking dodol, traditional way. Normally we would start doing it early in the morning, as early as after the sahur or Subuh prayer. We started with machining the coconut and produce santan out of it the night before. After the subuh prayer, we started the fire and lay a big pan over it. Then we pour in the sugar, heat it like the caramel and slowly we put santan and tepung pulut together. What we do was just stir the big ladle in big motion. That was it all the way from morning till the evening, just nice before the fast breaking.

6. Any bad experience during Ramadhan?
(Sebarang pengalaman buruk sewaktu bulan Ramadhan?)

In school, I was caught sitting together with seniors who were not fasting and smoking. I was suspected not fasting. Most of them got the public canning in front of all students. Luckily, I just got my canning in front of all teachers. Hehe..

7. Have you ever face any kind of unforgettable moment with firecrackers/ fireworks?
(Pernahkah anda mengalami peristiwa yang tidak dapat dilupakan ketika bermain bunga api/mercun?)

Hmm, that time i was so small. I bought myself a firecrackers from the shop. My parents found out and doubted me that the firecrackers were safe to play. I don't know what was it called, but as my father lights it up, the firecrackers flew direct into his 'sarong' and burnt part of it.

After that, firecrackers were banned from us. But who knows, me and my brother's creativity outside of our house.

8. Have you ever did something that may void your fasting but you just ignored it?
(Pernahkah anda melakukan sesuatu yang membatalkan puasa tapi anda buat tak tahu sahaja?)

I thinkla, I pooped, and out of control, some of it goes back in (eeeuw). Some people said it voids the fast.

9. Have you ever been caught for not fasting?
(Pernahkah anda ditangkap kerana tidak berpuasa?)


10. How does Ramadhan effect your body weight?
(Bagaimana Ramadhan mempengaruhi keberatan tubuh anda?)

Depends on the diet. I used to lose weight about 9 kg in 2004, but i gained about 3 kg last year. This year? It seems like i'm gonna lose weight.

11. Do you like getting duit raya? What was the most amount you've ever got?
Adakah anda suka duit raya? Berapa jumlah terbanyak pernah anda dapat?)

Of course I do. I think in 2003, that was the most ever I've got. I collected almost RM2k. Well, the secrect was, the more you give, the more your get, but currently, no one else is giving me duit raya anymore.

12. Which Eid was the worst for you?
(Raya yang mana satukah yang terburuk untuk anda?)

When I was in form 2. That was the night before the Eid. We were going takbir from house to house. I was riding a motorbike without the headlamp with a friend, JOE. We were about to reach my granma's house when I suddenly felt my body was being thrashed down the road. Actually, we just hit a cow. We were sent to the hospital straight away. The next day, I was alone at home.

13. Have u ever got diarrhea during eid?
(Pernah tak cirit birit masa raya?)

There was once I didn't make it to the toilet back in 199_. Hehehe.

There goes my baju melayu. (and no one knows about it until today). My mom keep scolding me for not wearing my baju melayu.

* So that was it. I think it would sounds funnier if i do it in Malay but that part i leave it to you guys. I would love to see people like Taiko, Tip, Eejay, Jojoe, Zetty. Fina, Cik Pijah, Boogie, Diva, Azerque, Farok, Langsuir, Nadya, Abby, Ckin, Whitesand, Zianazone, Eqin, Nashrex and whoever who is reading my blog to do this. But it's all up to you.

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