October 30, 2006

Jual Lombu (Ep. 2)

Classification :: Personal

The balance of the previous day's sales was brought forward to the next day. On the next day, I opened the stall at Bandar Baru Uda, and this time, I had two cattles down. We woke up quite late but luckily i just have to take the slaughtered cattles from the slaughter house near Kempas, JB.

As we started business at around 7.30, it was quite slow as I notice there were 3 more same stalls; selling meat! The business was quite smooth at around 9AM when most people came and buy meat from us. They were also people complaining other stalls were selling higher that the price we were selling.

Well, as they were so many competitors around, we did not manage to finish everything by the closing time. We have to close early by the way, as we're going back to Melaka.

So that day, we had more and more interesting conversations.

Incident 1.

Pakcik Selekeh : Aku nak beli kaki. Berapa reganya?
Me : Pasar jual RM10. Standard RM8. Kalau pakcik nak, RM30 saya lepas (because there were 4 foot all)
Pakcik Selekeh : Tak boleh.
Me : 28?
Pakcik Selekeh : Tak boleh.
Me : 25?
Pakcik Selekeh : Tak boleh.
Me : 24?
Pakcik Selekeh : Mahal giler. Kedai depan tu jual kat aku RM3 sebatang. (Tah ye tah tidak)
Me : Oh yeke. Kalau macam tu, pakcik belilah di kedai depan tu. Saya tak boleh jual rendah2 macam tu.
Pakcik Selekeh : Takpe takpe. (Went away in anger and never came back. I saw him went to the other stalls and walk away without getting any.)

Incident 2

I saw one auntie coming out from a latest brand new mercedesz, with the latest plate number which I could say a 'Mercedesz Raya'. She approached us and asking me about the Batang Pinang part. I told her that we were shortage of batang pinang and we may have less than a kilogram. She wanted all of them and asked me to weigh it. It was 600g and i packed it and tell her price.

Makcik Kedekut : Berapa harga sekilo?
Me : Standardlah makcik, orang jual RM23 sekilo.
Makcik Kedekut : Oiiiiiiii.. mahalnya. makcik beli RM17 je sekilo kat kedai depan tu.
Me : Yeke makcik. Kedai depan tu bukak lagi tak?
Makcik Kedekut : err.. err.. dah tutup agaknya. tadi makcik beli sekilo. nak goreng mee. pastu tak cukup ni nak tambah lagi. murah la sikit. RM18 ke sekilo.

Me slowly walked away from the counter. I was a lil pissed off as I know she made up the price hype. There were even people selling at the price of RM30 per kg.

Makcik Kedekut : (talking to the person at the counter) Makcik taknak. cancellah. Makcik nak tulang selangka. Ada lagi tak?
Aliazak : Ada. Makcik nak banyak mana?
Makcik kedekut : Bagilah 2 batang. Berapa sekilo?
Afiq : RM14 sekilo.
Makcik Kedekut : Ishh.. mahalnya.. bagi makcik RM12 lah. Cepat sikit boleh tak?
Afiq : Cepat boleh.. harga RM14 jugak makcik. Semua orang beli harga RM14.
Makcik Kedekut : Takpelah.. cepat sikit yer. anak menantu makcik dah tunggu dalam kereta tu. (I gave a signage to aliazak to stop doing everyone else's oorder and give priority to this stingy old lady)
Pakcik Mustafa (my neighbour) : Ala, anak menantu takkan tak boleh tunggu kejap. Mak mertua nak beli daging.
Makcik kedekut : Anak dah tunggu kat rumah nak keluar. Ni yang nak cepat ni. Dah siap ke belum?
Aliazak : Kejap makcik kejap.
Makcik kedekut : Takpelah. Makcik tak jadi lah amik tulang. Berapa harga daging ni?
Me : RM15 (a lil bit up from RM23 to Rm25 per kg)
Makcik Kedekut : Nah amik ni.
Me : Tulang makcik? Dah siap dah tu. Tinggal bungkus aje.
Makcik : X payah! Makcik balik dulu.
Me and everyone : ?????????????????????????????????????????????

Incident 3.

A group of people who I believed singaporeans dropped by and asked our price. They almost dropped their jaw when they heard our super low price!

Abang singapore : Apa RM17 je? Gila kena tipu aku ni. mementang aku orang singapore dia jual kat aku RM22 sekilo.
Me : Abang nak masak apa bang? Berapa kilo abang dah beli?
Abang singapore : Ingat nak masak rendang la. abang dah beli 4 kilo.
Me : Oh kalau nak buat rendang kena guna daging ni. NI cun punya daging bang. Kalau buat rendang memang sedap.
Abang singapore : Daging apa tu
Me : Daging peha. Confirm best buat rendang.
Abang singapore : dah ada 4 kilo?
Me : 4 kilo je bang? Mana cukup. 4 kilo kalau dah masak baru jadi sekilo setengah. Tengok family abang ni (while me staring at everyone in the car), mana cukup. kena beli lagi kurang2 5 kilo lagi baru ok.
Abang singapore : boleh lah. bagi 6 kilo. berapa harga?
Me : RM102. Abang punya pasal, saya bagi RM100 dah la.
Abang singapore : Eh! Murah nar? Nanti abang suruh kawan2 datang sini.

Incident 4

Pakcik Zakat : Hallamak! Menyesal la aku...!
Me : Pakcik, relax.. kenapa menyesal pakcik.
Pakcik Zakat : Tadi aku bayar zakat, keluar2 majid terus nampak itu jual daging punya tempat. Aku terus beli. Kat sana RM20 sekilo. Sini baru RM17. rugi aku rugi.
Me : Tambah la lagi daging. Hehehe.. murah murah..
Pakcik Zakat : Apsal murah. Kau curik lembu ke?
Me : Astaghfirullah al ajim.

Incident 5

By 2PM, we're already slowing down and as to clear off the stock, I decided to lower the price down so that it can sell much easier. Then, came a lady in a proton satria.

Kakak Satria : Eh dik, berapa harganya daging ni?
Me : Sekarang ni dah turun harga. Hanya RM15 je sekilo.
Kakak Satria : Eh murah betul. Apa korang jual daging busuk ke?
Me : Taklah, dah petang kak. Saje nak bagi clear stock. Kalau akak nak RM17 punya harga, saya boleh bagi hehehe.
Kakak Satria : Oklah, bagi akak 2 kilo. Paru2 ada?
Me : Ala kak, kalau nak paru2 kena la datang awal. Tinggal hati dengan jantung aje.
Kakak Satria : Takmau la..
Me : Ala kak, amik jantung la kak. Sedap! Kira cincai jela. Saya bagi RM5 je jantung besar ni.
Kakak Satria : Eh eh, murah betul. Macam tak percaya je..

So that was it. I may conclude that some rich people are actually more stingy than the normal people or even the poor one. Don't underestimate someone riding a bicycle. People driving a mercedesz not necessarily have cash in hand, and don't be surprised that they will bargain down to the unbelievable price.

At around 5, we wrapped up everything, and we only made the move back to Melaka at around 8.10PM. We didn't manage to catch the takbir raya. But I'm quite happy that I manage to learn something today.

When I pay the sales money to the owner of the cattle settlement, he said I'm being too kind at heart. To do this business, you have to be cold hearted. Sometimes we felt pity for people so easily and people took advantage over that.

Haha, I would say, I would have more profit if I'm such a cold hearted person, but I just can't. I'd rather let people be happy then!

I would be happy too.

* all the names are the name i gave to them, for easy referencing.

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