November 1, 2006

What was raya all about?

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Raya had been almost a week. I have not been visiting friends and relatives for the past 2 years. In 2004, as I was still working in KL, I have to be back early. Then my uncle was sick and passed away. In 2005, my brother was getting married and all the preparations were made in the last minutes.

As I didn't make it for the Takbir from house to house this year, that means I didn't visit every single house as usual. I managed to visit only 4 houses and the rest I went out as to send the wedding invitation card.

So actually there was nothing much about raya this time except for a few things that I felt bad about.
  1. I wish my Pak Lang is still around. I'm sure I'll have more activities to be done during raya.
  2. There were a few friendships/relationship that were good at the beginning but they become dull and insipid now, mostly because of the problems occured between us. Some involving money, and some involving trust. I lend off the money but later i become the bad guy. How is that? I lost a best friend and 2 whom I wish I can be their good friends.
  3. And there's one case that I was accused to be doing bad things, of which I'm trying to be nice by offering someone a place to stay for one night but it turns the other way around the next days. I lost another 3 good friends too.
  4. I'm trying to maintain a good relationship with my ex's family, especially with the father. How I actually wish i can celebrate raya with them.
  5. Now, I've a replacement but she was not being favored by my parents, especially my father. This is a damn pathetic headache to me.
  6. I wish my mom made the pineapple tarts so that I can munch 'em when I feel down.
Anyway, I'm still thankful for what I have now. 'Super' supportive family and friends. You alsolah.. My readers.. Very super.. Hyper also got..

Last but not least, as raya is still raya, how did most of u replace the ordinary Raya Greeting cards nowadays. When Internet was booming, a lot of people sending the E-Cards as a quick, easy and free replacement. There are still people doing it nowadays, but I'm telling you frankly, I've never checked on them. Because the email was too much and I didn't have enough energy and time to check on them one by one.

As, most of people love getting SMSes, the plain and short SMS has become a trendy greeting card nowadays. As from the Day 1 i started to 'Jual Lombu', I've been getting a lot of SMSes from friends, which most of them were not original and prototypes, but I'm thankful as they're still willing to spend RM0.20/RM0.15 per sms to send me one.

When I was driving back to Melaka, all my 3 handphones were getting SMSes non stop during the whole journey.

Do you have any interesting SMSes to be shared? I do!
"Semoga diterima amalan kita dan tergolong dari mereka yg kembali kpd fitrah (aidilfitri) dan sbg orang yang berjaya (faizin)" - GMAN

"Eid al mubarak. Taqabalallahu minkum. Hantu Kumkum. Minum air daun ketum. Mabuk sampai ke tulang sumsum. Minna waminkum taqabbalya karim." - ApenGiler

"No 8, Jalan Permai 2/3, Taman Kota Permai, 43230, Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Sila halatujukan arah kenderaan anda ke alamat di atas pada 24 oktober 2006 untuk jamuan percuma. Selamat Hari Raya." - Rashid

"Ada wang ada kayu,
Kayu balak kayu akasia,
saya mau tanya sama you,
mana saya punya luit laya?"
- SK Chong

"Dari hati yang merasai, dengan mulut yang menyumpahi, dan melalui perbuatan yang menyakiti.. Ku memohon penuh keampunan, sepanjang perkenalan. Semoga bergembira dan berbahagia bersama yang tersayang." - Fara No H.

"Lembu tua hilang di sawah,
orang kampung sibuk mencari,
jika anda tekan ke bawah,
Dah sah, Andalah lembu yang kami cari. Ha ha ha..!

Kalau ada Jarum yang patah,
Xpayah la simpan lagi,
kalau ada hati yang marah,
kena ingat i pun kena sekali,

Jarum yang patah pegilah buang,
jangan dibuang bersama kain,
kalau xnak kena sorang-sorang,
pegila forward kat orang lain.

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin,
hujung rambut ke kaki hinggalah ke dalam kain.
- Corgan

"ye. Sama2 la kita ye." - Azerque

"Save day festival. Sorry physically and spiritually" - Taiko

"Wishing u and ur loved ones a happy hari raya! :) Maaf zahir dan batin" - Juliana Ibrahim (Gubra)

"Kad raya gambar mesjid dah habis. Tinggal yang ni aje Selamat hari raya. Ingat2 tuhan selalu" - Mofaz

"Saya ingat saya tara puasa 2 hari ini tawun,
Jual lumbu punya hal pasal mau rayala,
Macam biasala 20 jari saya kasi susun,
zahir & batin kasi maaf sama sayala..."
- Izham

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