November 15, 2006

I'm here..!

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Hello there,

I've been away for quite sometimes, not for long, for only 4 or 5 days. Many things had happened in the past 4-5 days. There were unexpected news, events and some my personal interest thingy.

Last week, as Tun Dr. Mahathir was warded, I'm in relief to know that he was released later but advised to rest. So what is he going to do then. As someone who used to work and work, I myself cannot stop working. Once I've got the momentum and suddently i stopped, the momentum would never be the same again unless you reached a level where you're desperate to do the same thing again.

It happened today, as I've been abandoning all the documents, letters and faxes that scattered all over the place in my room. It took me almost half a day to do the filing, recreate the missing documents and completing the incompleted items. So my room is back to normal again. No more messes. Everything is in proper places.

Earlier, last weekend I went up to KL to convert the front body of my Honda civic, which previously was using the '96 Spec look, to the not so new '99 Spec, which has been there almost 7 years, but I only can afford to do so now. I've spent the whole Saturday for the conversion and it look fabulous. Plus it lay low look, it look too kewl already. Too kewl to lay low.

Later at night, I attended a wedding at the Eastin Hotel, KL. I rarely attended a reception in a hotel but I can say it's quite kewl then, but that wasn't really the thing that cheers me up that night.

It was the friends of my parents, whom i knew since when I was a small kid. Seeing them again after not seeing each other for quite sometime is really refreshing. Better when almost everyone recognized me, as the son of my father. My father is quite popular among his friends.

Then on Sunday, I went back to Seremban in just 30 minutes all the way from Taman Desa to the fence of my father's house in Senawang. The reception of the groom side will be held at Kuala Pilah. So convoyed in 13 cars there. My sisters was taken around town in a horse cart ride. Way cool but when they're about to run down the hill, a few people was asked to get a strong hold of the wheels as the cart has no brake at all!

Then I went back to Seremban just to find out that someone has left her keys in my sister's car so that I had to get back to Kuala Pilah to send it.

Well, it was quite a trip from Kuala Pilah to Senawang and back to Kuala Pilah again. If I had a chance, I would love to do it again. Yeah, especially..

Then, I went back to JB. Something was wrong with my car's driveshaft so I was mentally pressured all the way. The car was quaking like hell! Luckily I made it to JB and survived any possible accident that might happeb resulting from the faulty drive shaft.

The next I day was exhausted but I tried my best to wake up and send my car to the workshop. While waiting I laid down the whole day as a result of exhaustion from yesterday's event, car problem and that long drive from Senawang to JB.

Then Tuesday, I spent the whole morning for filing and went to work later.

Now I just came back from work and very sleepy.. Nite2..!

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