November 7, 2006

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Did u notice the long 'TUNAIIIII' pronounced by my father? Doesn't it sounds like those P.Ramlee movies :p

It happened in a cheerful mood. Even Tan Sri Nasimuddin was there. I took control of almost every single item and sequence of happenings of the wedding, even though I arrived late as to take the slaughtered carcass of the cow all the way to Seremban from JB.

Not to mention that, there was a don't-know-where-he-came-from deejay who seems happily singing around and making fun of people's name especially the groom's name (as the the father is S.M Sharifuddin) as asking questions like "Is this S.M Salim?" I knew that we didn't want any kind of such embarassing entertainment like karaoke, especially when he sang the Raya song from the S.Jibeng.

Furthermore, he turned the speaker out loud like nobody's business. I was a lil boiled up when the P.A System people refused to turn down the volume when I asked him to.

At last, my brother (ikhwan) sent him off the function as the Deejay refused to stop what ever he was doing singing and cheering (also fun-making) up the people in the ceremony. Whenever he was asked to stop, he will emphasized that the owner-of-the-house has invited him to.

As, none of us (me & all of my family members) knew that we invited a deejay? (huh)

"Saya rasa lebih baik abang balik ajela. Saya rasa abang ni silap rumah...!" as said by my brother, Ikhwan. He disappeared not long after that.

Funnier, the Deejay is Amran Tompel, the son of A.R. Tompel, which is the blood brother of A.R. Badul and Adlin Aman Ramli.

Then, we were all entertained by a Nasyid group who specially brought down from KL to Seremban, mostly University Students who were far more professional and more entertaining, in a very nice and gentle way, compared to the deejay. The weather was good until at around 3.30 when the rain started, just nice after the guests flow seemed to be slowing down.

A lot of friends and gangs came. The food was getting a lot of compliments from the guests, and they even asked for the caterer's name card from my parents. Guests keep coming till 12 midnight, whom the last guest is my best friend, Hemsem.

Thanx for those who managed to make it to the wedding. It was a wedding full of colours, cheers and tears of joy. I'm very grateful and thanx to god for making the wedding a nice and successful one.

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