November 22, 2006

Are we dare enough?

Classification :: Local issues, Politics

When I watch the TV this morning, Raja Sherina, the woman that was being hunted by the police regarding the SMS about Datok Azhar Mansor is going to baptize a group of Muslim on the November 5, is being arrested and remanded for 3 days to help the investigation.

If we have a proper look into it, what is the root problem here? To break 'em into a few points is it:-

1. The SMS?
2. The courage of telling the truth to public?
3. The conversion of religion?

I myself had received the SMS as well as email with regard to the matter. I have also received a lot of email regarding a lot of other cases, like Lina Joy and so on. I'm not sure whether :-

1. I should believe it or not.
2. I should redistribute the SMS/email.

In the recent matters, when Dato' Azhar Mansor was asked whether he is still a muslim or not, he answered that the case is still under investigation, so he may not have the right to answer the question.

I'm confused too. I have no concrete comments on that but if someone questioned my belief, in any circumstances I would defend it. Me being fair, it's understood that if he's still a muslim, alhamdulillah but if he's a christian now, he can neither say he's a muslim or christian because both have it's own complication. No further comments about the complications.. hehe.. sendiri fikirla..

Me being a muslim, of course I'd be sad if he's no longer a muslim. In my honest opinion, it's up to him to determine his own life. There's actually a lot of rumours that I've heard with regard to this matter but I'm not so sure about it. Wallahualam.

For me, everyone has the freedom to choose their own cemetery. Hehehe..

On another matter, Mukhriz Che Det has released his statement of regret and sorry for his previous statement on Abdullah's opening speech in the recent UMNO General Meeting.

Well, he's just being honest ma! It's very true also that he said Abdullah is saying nothing than nothing new. For me it's more like nothing at all. Kesian kan? Hehehe..

There must be some unrevealed reason behind it, I mean the regret and sorry statement. I'm very disappointed.

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