November 24, 2006


Classification :: Personal

Yesterday, it was a relief. I may now realign my focus and do what I was supposed to be doing.

And even last night, i've had a news that makes me laughing like mad. Especially with the new one.

My exhaustion since Raya and all the events after that has yet decayed in me. I'm consuming more food than ever and my tummy is getting to bloat more and more.

I've not been focusing on my job since then. The extra food consumption may have made me a lazy ass. I have so many things to do but i'd just sit still and do nothing.

I don't have any plan. I'd just 'hamtam' and face the consequences. I do react to situation.

Well, situation has not always been on my side. How i wish that actually I'm a nobody, know nobody, and i can meet people fresh from the start. Not only situation, family has played big role in aligning my way off to the future.

At least, zetty can make her own decision. I've always been making decision which is supposed to be right, but it turned the other way around just because of the situation.

I've decided not to make a decision. At least for the time being. My last decision is still on. I would stick to that as it wasn't an easy thing to decide such a thing.

Well, last night has turned me all way upside down, from left to right.

My life is back there. I went out with charles to compensate myself. A 'half-a-minute-LOLs' with the new person in my life is just worth it.

Especially when it's about that I'm going to be an uncle next year. Yeah.

Ikhwan's wife is gonna give birth by april or may next year. The amazing part, my sister Fadhlina wedding was just on the 3 of this month.

But last night I was told that she was confirmed to be pregnant!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! (that was my laugh with new in law, fairuz)

* how i wish that a lot of things..

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