October 2, 2006

About Kambing...! (and a rare-sir-pee at the end of this entry)

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Kambing - Malay word for goat.

Eh, that's my fatherlah! Do you see something like a green strap around the neck of the goat? That's the tag!

The malays called sheep as 'Kambing' too, but with 'Biri-biri' at the end. So sheep is actually 'Kambing Biri-Biri' in Malay.

We also have some other men-species of Kambing like Shahnaz and Zaidee. Hehe.. :p

Today is Sunday so actually I've got nothing much to do, so I agreed to my father's offer to accompany him to the goat farm somewhere Pekan Nanas, near Pontian in Johor. He had just bought a few goats to startup with for his retirement.

We went there to actually put tags on all ten goats. We bought 10 meters length of rope, a few tag for key chain (like those tag when you're getting into the new house), a lighter and a pair of scissors.

As we arrived there, my father happily showed me all the ten goats he just bought. I don't know what to say but I would they look kinda graceful and healthy to me. As we get in to their square, I tried to catch them one by one to put on their tags.

Using my past experience to chase goats, but much easier this time, I tried to place my hands to their body but it seems that most of them were still frightened of us. After 1-2 catches, it was all about tricks. Simple tricks to learn.

There was once, as one of the goat were being tagged by me, there was a goat came to the goat that my father was holding and kissing it. They're surely love each other very much. Well, I'm not yet going to slaughter youlah! I'm just tagging!

All the 7 first goats were easy. The next 3 were not! I was even kicked at my thigh while holding them, and even one of them I had to hug it really tight just to ensure that it stays still and at the same time I was even trying to console it, to tell it that everything is gonna be okay, I'm not gonna hurt you. Hehehe..

Well, the last one had proven me that goats can also make miracles. When I was looking for the last one, all the other goats were sitting together covering it from my eyesight. The last goat were seen to be sitting at the bottom while the other goats were sitting around it.

Well, leave it to the expert (hehe). I managed to tag 'em all!

Then we get back home, waited for my sister, Ina to arrive from Seremban and wait for the berbuka puasa time. Taiko would also be coming to my house for the berbuka puasa.

I've also made a special dish today, my very own cincai Black Pepper Crab. Worth a try!


  1. Crabs of course
  2. Garlics (let say 4-5 pieces)
  3. Onions (small one, let say 4-5 units too)
  4. Big red chilli (hmm let say 2-3 pieces)
  5. Ginger (the young one, cut about an inch and a half, remove the outer skin)
  6. Cooking Oil for frying
  7. Grinded black pepper (you can use the black pepper sauce)
  8. Oyster Sauce
  9. Spring onions (just take the leaves, chop into pieces of size 1 cm each)
So first of all, deep fried all the crabs, leave it for 2 minutes for each round before you turn it upside down. While frying 'em, get all the garlics, onions, chilli and ginger into the blender and blend 'em all!

Once you done with frying, use the same oil you use to fry the crab to start frying the sauce. Ensure proper heat of oil, then pour in the blended items (the garlics, onions, chilli and ginger) into the frying pan. Before it gets scorched, pour in the black pepper together with the oyster sauce. Mix them well before putting in the deep fried crabs. Mix them all together and later pour in the chopped spring onions.

Done! Enjoy the meal! Questions (and maybe... comments :p) are very welcomed...!

We had quite a big berbuka puasa today. Taiko had 3 plates of rice. I had 2. My father had 3 too. Badly, Taiko is not a crab-eating expert.

And later, I took Taiko to do the Tarawikh Prayer to the Air-Conditioned mosque of Bandar Baru Uda.

On our way back walking home, we were a few times shocked by the sound of the firecrackers played by some fat kids. Eventually, when I was walking by the side of a Honda City, that fat kid has judt put all his firecrackers and a lighter on the bonnet of that car. Without asking, I took the lighter and keep it before i threw it off later.

PADAN MUKA KAU! Tak dapat main mercun! Memekak aje!

Then we went out for coffee (and sisha).

Afterall, I'm still with that 'Kambing' scent on me, especially the fingers!


* Eh guys, do you have any special recipe? I would like to try out something new.

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