September 25, 2006

I had my bad days too sometimes...

Classification :: Personal

I was having quite a long journey today. Initially I was from an overnight visit to KL, and going back to Seremban. There, I had few naps before continue driving down to JB. Me, my mom and Farah did dropped by our kampung in Melaka for a few things and continue our journey back to JB.

I was driving so slow, to avoid anything bad from happening as I myself was very sleepy. When we're about to reach home, I was so eager to park the car and get into my car to warm it's engine before going out.

When I first reached my car, I was shock and heartbroken.

My right hand side front arch fender was badly dented. I thought someone must have been on their rides and scratched the body but it was impossible as the space between the car and the divider was very small. Even the bumper was bad looking.

When i look at it closely, someone must have been knocked my car fender using something like screw driver or stone. The fender was also bended badly till the tyre will reach the fender when it's moving.

At first, i thought there must be some kids were playing around with my car and did that. Other people's opinion, small kids wouldn't be able to cause such bad knocks.

So what's happening actually? What have I done wrong?

I don't know what to do.

And at night, when i was about to go out of the mosque after the tarawikh prayer, i lost my pair of sandals.

I don't really feel good tonite..

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