September 20, 2006

Was it carelessness, the car's faulty or sabotage?

Classification :: Automobile, Mystery, Investigation

As I read the Newspaper yesterday (I managed to read only Utusan Malaysia), the news of the lady who was one of the high ranked officer in the CIMB bank (My ex-boss's office) who fell down 25 meters down off a cliff.

She was reported as to regularly drive off her home as early as 6.00 AM in the morning to avoid the heavy traffic and to get a parking space at her office limited parking lots. As she arrives there at 6.30 AM, she'll sleep with the car enginer not being turned off as she intended to use the air conditioner.

She was found dead in her car 25 meter down the cliff where she initially parked her car. The car stopper which is 15 cm in height was unable to stop her car from moving.

Picture taken from Utusan Malaysia's website.

As the newspaper reported, she may have accidentally stepped on her car accelerator when she woke up from her sleep.

(i) - My question is, who is stupid enough to stop and park the car with the gear stick at the 'D' for drive (as she was driving Kia Rio, and it comes only with Automatic gear in Malaysia) position?

(ii) - If it was a manual car with the gear stick at any position, definitely the car wouldn't be able to idle because as soon as the clutch is released the car will suddenly jerked and stopped.

Anyway, (ii) does not matter as Kia Rio only comes with automatic gearing in Malaysia.

Well, if she accidentally stopped with the gear in the 'D' position with the handbrake pulled, she will definitely realize about it as soon as she stopped the car as the car will freakingly idling in a different behaviour, the car will feel like being pulled forward. If the handbrake was not being pulled, definitely the car will move forward. Anyway, if she did put it at the 'D' position and just let it be, she was being stupid.

Another possibility was when she stopped the car, she only manage to turn the gear to the 'N' position. I do hope that she pulled the handbrake. At this position, she may accidentally pulled the gear by her leg or hand while asleep and stepped on the accelerator. If she did set the gear to 'N' and did not pull the handbrake, she was careless.

Some people has reported that Kia cars has faulty 'P' gear and the handbrake were not functioning very well. There were a few cases where Kia cars, no matter Sephia, Spectra and even Kia Rio were reported being moved from it's initial parking location even though the gear has been set to 'P' position and the handbrake was pulled tight. My ex-boss in Telekom used to experience the thing a few times, and there was once when I was in the car as well. So it might be the car's fault. Well, I didn't mean to condemn Naza Kia or Kia. Come on, my brother in law to be is one of the Naza's manager.

Another possibility that i can think is that was it a sabotage? From the picture that I looked in the Newspaper, she has the unfavourable look. She might be hated by some of her subordinates. She was a high ranked officer and she may have a lot of enemies.

So, if her car's handbrake wasn't fightly pulled, someone may have pushed the car down the cliff.

OR, if her car was properly parked, with the gear position at 'P' and the handbrake was properly pulled, some people may have knocked her from behind and ran away. People may use lorry for that.

Or maybe someone has accidentally knocked her car down the cliff. Who knows? A knocking car with a momentum can make a properly parked car moved a few centimeters away.

Oh it was so sleepy composing a blog in the middle of the night....

So the summary of my thought possibilities are:
  • She didn't park her car properly. She may have not pulled the handbrake properly, she may also have parked her car with the gear position at 'D', or the gear position at 'N' and accidentally pushed it down to 'D' when she was asleep.
  • Faulty Kia cars. (Kia should be responsible to investigate about this or people would not anymore buy their cars.)
  • People may have sabotaged her from my perception that she has the unfavourable face, and she may have a lot of enemies.
  • Other people may have accidentally knocked her and ran away.
  • Lastly, my question is,


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