September 2, 2006

Breaking Updates!

Classification :: Personal


I've updated all the trip pages and i even put some pictures. It took me almost the whole day to do all of them.

It was a tiring week after the trips. Short breaks between both trips to Selat Panjang and Jakarta/Bandung disallowed me to rest, not to mention to update my lovely blog.

The other reason of why didn't I updated the blog was the craziness towards the games in as I reached a level of the richest member there but somehow, taking care of a lot of pets was really a pain in the ass. I really cannot do anything else in my life except for waiting for each and every hour to wait for the next turn to pet the pets.

I decided to quit petting the pets and just be a quiet member with a lot of angau money then.

During the weekend, I was busy taking my mom to the wedding and helping my brother to buy himself a laptop. He got ACER laptop with the price of just RM2200. No fool man. RAM 512MB with Centrino 1.7GHz. But no XP. hehe..

Right after the weekend in KL, I was so busy managing a lot of delayed work. One of it was to find an excavator; or local people call it as 'KOBE' to the logging and land works. For me, the purpose was just to get the logs to be loaded up to the lorry. It's very hard to do work without one.

After a lot of searches, Lis found one and it cost me only RM15k and so easy, i have an excavator now!

This is mine. At last, i'm owning an excavator...!

On the 31st August, other people would just get involved in the national day celebration or just stay at home watching TV, or maybe go shopping. With a very short notice for the reasons I don't know why, my cousin is getting married! So the whole family drove up on the 30th night to give them some hands.

I was supposed to celebrate merdeka with some friends. Ish..!

So, when the day come, then only I got to know that my cousin, Fadli with the age of 25 is getting married to someone older, Musalmah with the age 35 and he'll be getting 3 free children. The eldest is 15 years old.

Sounds funny but no joke, it's fated.

Everyone before entering the house of the bride. Fadly is in yellow dress, looked very handsome

At home before going for 'NIKAH' ceremony.

So many things happened that I cannot recall most of them then. I didn;t even followed the Malaysian BAJET as I was so busy.

Will do some analyze of the BAJET later..

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