September 11, 2006

My Weekend story with the King Crabs...!

Classification :: Personal

The whole last week was hectic. I was in the logsite in Gelang Patah to do the volume measurements of the logged timbers.

Have u heard the name Gelang Patah? It used to be a busy townport for the people of Johor. Sungai Pulai used to be the place where the people went to attend the water sports, even the Sultan. It was also believed that Gelang Patah was one of the place that has grown with the cultural arts and performance activities that is synonym with Johor.

Last few months, back in June, I had also purchased a medium-sized boat to enable us to run our project efficiently. Due to some reasons, the mechanic that was assigned to do the repairing work of the boat has been making some shit that delayed our preparation to get the boat to work. Well, it has just been completed, and we also have a new boat as well. AN excavator and a boat! I've never imagine myself to own both of it.

That was Lis (his name is actually Sahrulliszam), a partner who was keeping his eyes on the operation of the excavator. The workloads was not that heavy that we're still able to catch up with the low numbers of the logs that were taken out from the forest. The excavator is using the bucket, the one that they use to dig the soil, instead of the forks-looking hands that is supposed to grab the timbers, I'm not so sure what is it in English but local people call it 'KIAP'. It'll be ready by Friday and I'm hoping the work will be getting better soon.

To do the measurement, it was not hard as the last time where we have to do the middle perimeter measurement, but this time, we just measure up the diameter at the end of the log. Well, it would still need a lot of work to be done as actually, we used cable to take up the logs and transfer it to the collaboration place. So, at one time, we would need at least 5 people to do the measuring work.

Poor my car. It has to go through all the sandy route roads to get access to this place of work. I really need to do the paint job for this car then. Some part of the car is getting rusty, as the result of always going by the salt water area. It's not easy to have a car when you have to go by the sea so often.

It was really tiring working there for the whole day, but, it was well paid off by looking at the nice scenery after 6PM. It was so cooling and consoling. That's why i'd prefer to stay until it's a bit late there; to enjoy the scenery and to avoid traffic jams. The traffic jams should be a lil bit relieved after 8PM or something.

So while waiting for the time to pass by, what else that we can do rather than eating? Food is always good expecially after the whole exhausting day. We would normally do BBQ; anything would do. Chicken, fish, mutton, shelled creatures like lokan. ibau and so on. But just recently, we had supplied the workers with fishing nets so that they can easily get the fishes freshly. Instead of fish, as just on the last Saturday, these workers found 'King Crab' or 'Belangkas' instead of fishes in their net.

As it is was still consumable, on the last Saturday, we had Belangkas to fill in our free time. We burn them while they're still alive. Looks very cruel isn't it?

* Caution :: There's one part in the King Crab that is not consumable, and even if it's broken, the whole King Crab is no longer consumable. It may cause death or 1st class food poisoning that may cause slow death. It is advised to have an experienced person t be with you when you are about to eat King Crab. And after consuming the King Crab, Coffee, Honey and alcoholic drink is highly prohibited. It's like suicidal. So, do not take this as an idea of suicide. I would not be responsible for any suicide or death that has got anything todo with consuming the King Crab after you read this article.

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