October 20, 2006

Road to Raya...

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Heh.. I'm pretty sure that most of us would still remember the song of the advertisement of 'Road to Wembley'.

Depsite my busy schedule, i tried my best to sit and surf blogs, especially friends. I'm really thankful that most people responded to my tag request. So for those who did the tag I would love to say


Now, we're again reaching the end of the month of Ramadhan, the month which I think I was blessed. Well, not everyone is blessed with good fortune and luck.

I have issues with friends who were borrowing money from me. I'm thankful that I'm in a quite good fortune that I don't really have to borrow for people to live. But some people they just borrow money to get extra things, unreachable with their very own earnings.

For those who were still owing me money, here's my advise :: "Pay me back or we'll settle this in the hereafter life. I will not ask anymore. As long as you were still owing money, all your good deeds will be hanging around without being taken into account by God."

Well that's it, maybe they're yet being able to pay but it's okay, but here is aobout a friend who is currently is his depressing emotional problems.

I have a very good looking friend who is now depressed of being cheated by his beloved wife. As I won't be mentioning his name here, the wife is pretty and lovely and healthy (and yummy nyum nyum). I was suprised that everytime that I saw them together, they were like loving couple. I was so jealous for everything he got, especially his wife.

I was wrong. She was good.

At acting.

That was actually how she seduced other males. My friend were only realizing her wife is in a prohibited affair with her own boss (in the government service) after one and a half years! After he found out, he was mad. He went to see shaman and the shaman said that the wife was treated with black magic. The stupid thing was, he told the wife that was seeing the shaman and she was just following the flow by admitting she felt different towards her husband and blaming the black magic thingy for what happened.

Since then, she promised not to have any kind of contact with the fella. Everything goes fine again.

Some people concluded, she's a gone case. My was still in sorrow, and just recently I've got some precious proofs (courtesy of friends from one of the main telco company) to get the wife's phone bill details, just to find out that she kept in touch with that idiot until today.

Tell me, who'll be happy to get to know such thing.

And earlier, I went to visit one of my workers, Hasim, which he was once appeared in the Bersamamu program in TV3. I was almost burst into tears seeing his family.

So poor.

I've been much much more busier as it's getting more towards the end of this month. I've been running here and there, catching up with a lot of things that has to be settled before raya. I pity myself for not being able to get a very good rest for myself. I woke up early in the morning, and only came back home at night, even sometimes 2-3 o'clock in the morning.

Well, I have to remind myself, there's a limit to everything and money is not everything.

But, I would love it more if I can remind myself to be thankful that I was still in side of the lucky people. Wake up Me! There's a lot of people out there that may not be as happy as I am, and people who is facing troubles, people who are poor.

Remind me and everyone in here, to help those people in hardships. No matter it's emotional, monetary or whatever.

Raya is the best time for us to do this. Like Taiko said, why not considering giving every kid an RM each. Eejay, my favourite kuih raya is my mom's Pineapple tart. Jojoe, I think it's not wise to read someone else's SMS, but as for me, I don't really mind. Sometimes, I do check on my sister's just for the sake of "I'm the brother and anything happen to her I'll be responsible". Well, Jojoe, that 'Mama aku sudah jadi kek' is the best laugh i had today!

Tip, you're right bro. Tag-mentagging is one of the way to be connected to each other. I felt that. I felt loved. Haha.. Thanx for that. Anyway Tip, I openly apologizing whatever I did to you while we're in the same house. Funny though. There's a lot to tell. I've to admit that I took a lil bit of your perfume back then. Elleh, the whole housemember did.

Tip, I'm sorry dude!

Lastly, I like to quote what Zetty wrote, something like this.

"Dah bayar zakat fitrah?"

* To all readers, Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. Wish y'all good journey to your kampung. Drive carefully. Take care.

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