April 4, 2007


That is for the 4th day of April, in the year of 2007. It is quite a significant date for, at least not for me alone but for the whole family as well. I wasn't sleeping the night before, waiting for the updates and updates of what is going on.

It was all started during the eve of the day before. There were some observed probability of complications due to the under estimation of the supplement application.

Who should be blamed? The doctors? How about the carriers? The carriers just wanna ensure everything is the best for the carried. As the carried was not as normal as ordinary, the doctors has taken some ordinary action as if the same thing happened to other carriers.

After sometimes, updates after updates keep in coming. I was on the phone and on the line looking for informations of what should it be or not. I even called my doctor friend in Ireland to get some assurance of the probabilities and possibilities. She said, everything as okay and I told my brother, it's gonna be okay!

Then, at some some time, he called me. The doctors said, natural birth is not possible. C-sect is the only option. But he was unsure about a few more things. As a brother, I told him. GO!

Some time later, he called me. He had just azan'ed the baby boy! Look at him! He already opened his eyes on the first day he see the world!

So i'm officially an Uncle.

My parents are now officially grandparents. The history repeats itself. The first grandchild for my grandmother belah emak is from the second child. The first grandchildren for my parents is also from the second child.

And my grandother is officially a MOYANG now. Hahahaha. Sudah ada cicit.

Rumours saying that his name will have the word 'Danish' inside. What I know, Danish is something like pastry, for instance, peach danish, or blueberry danish. Well, danish means "The knowledgable genius" (si cerdik yang berpengetahuan). That's what my brother told me.

My father wanted to name him Shamsul Amri. Orang nama Amri ni biasanya jahat. Hahaha.. no Offense. And my little sister is kecoh of what should the baby call her later. Maksu or makcu? I suggested maknyet!

The baby came out on the same day of my parents wedding anniversary as well! So I bought my parents a cake! A nice blackforest cake with a lot of cherries inside, from Lavender. Nice!

So happy 31st anniversary mak and abah! I love you guys so so so much. So if i gurau jangan amik hati tau! Dah jadi datuk dan nenek ni kena lagi banyak bersabar dan berlembut!

click here to zoom inOn my way to buy the cake, I saw this. What he was trying to do? To get back to his divorced wife or what? Hahahaha! Click at the picture for a clearer view!

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