April 23, 2007

Make it short Izham...!


I was monkecited and happily terrified when anybody coming over. So nadya-s, a very nice and charming MMU junior, was coming.

As she arrived that saturday noon with an empty stomach, i took her there and she admitted she loved the nasi Ambang in bandar baru uda. So, if you come here and want a taste of Nasi Ambang call me at kosong satu empat, tekan-tekan tak dapat.. hahaha :p

As she's full, we headed to Jusco Tebrau, looking for a place where we can sit and play around with the gadgets. She ordered coffee, we chat, I snapped pictures while she commented on them. She gets on the NET and spent the whole saturday there. I jumped into a fashion show and had fun of my day.

Wanna look at them?

Later Kawsar with her cute sisters joined in for the movies.

That Sunday, I spent the whole day, looking at the pictures and helping a friend build up an express website for her. She has been in that 'makan-makan' business for quite sometimes.

Hungrylah... Jom!!!

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