April 19, 2007

Farah, and those without the 'h'

I like the name Farah. I don't know why. Saying it makes me happy. Sazuan was my gf when I was in school, and her friend's name is Farrah, with doubled 'R'. Maybe that's why i like the name since the beginning. I'm the one who named my sister Farah. Since all my female siblings name started with 'F', it just suited well.

And actually Farah means happiness.

Farah whom I bullied a lot, no matter at home, or outside the home, we make fun of each other even when I was driving and we play 'kejar-kejar' at anyhere we can. So i look like 'budak kecik' (small kid) really. Why? Playing chase and run or hide & seek in the mall, wherever we can.

I don't have any reason why; fooling and bullying her is just my definition of loving and caring.

And today, my mom asked me to accompany her to see Farah's English teacher; because Farah was shifted from the most front seat of the class, to just a row behind. My mom suddenly became so emotional, which irritates me a bit. I'm a person who believe in rationalized diplomatical arguments and discussions, whom strictly abide emotional conversations, especially in things that involved ability of assessment and jurisdiction by a professional.

In this case, the professional is the English teacher. I think that she had been wise and fair enough to do the resetting of seating of her students in the class which she required all the naughty students to be in front of her all the time, without knowing and understanding Farah's condition. One good thing, Farah is not naughty, right?

Farah's condition; her eyesights were really bad that she can only sit in the most front row of the class to be able to see all the written writings on the blackboard properly. And in this case, Farah had informed the teacher not to switch her seating but the teacher ignored. The teacher thinks that it would be okay if Farah sit at the second row. Farah, being timid at school, which is so contradicting from at home, keep her timidness till end of the school session.

That drives my mom to her emotional state, which for me is just out of control. She was talking about it to everyone she met. And she was so emotional when she was explaining that to all the teachers. I felt so bad, as my mother seems like to charge the teacher guilty.

Luckily, the teacher was very wise (and cun also) and she said sorry. What if she's the revenge type. I cannot imagine what will happen to Farah. And i cannot forgive myself if that happens.

Later, I thought that, it's not my mom's fault for being emotional. It's just her sane motherly instinct that made her sad whenever her daughter is being treated unfair.

Well, the issue is solved, and Farah got her seat back. The most in front.

In the other hand, I also know a lot of other Farahs and Faras. This one Fara, we've been to singapore together watching the Placebo band. I just talked to her in Yahoo Messenger just now and she seems to be fine. Long time no see her.

And another Fara, who i'm not which one. She claimed to sit beside me in the movie. Can i have your number please? Hahaha!

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