April 15, 2007

Sensasi Selebriti :: First meet-up.

I would rather talk to someone humble and less sensitive like Budiey. He claimed that he's shy, well, I bet he's not. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get goodie bags for all his readers coming for that first meetup. A few CDs and a cassette especially from Waheeda is very much appreciated.

So this is budiey, he looks so nice and decent, don't u think so? I'm not sure whether i took the picture of budiey or the amoi behind him. Hahaha! And he's so orange! I didn't know that there's an orange theme for this meetup?

So these people gathered in front of the topshop before getting in to the cinema for the movie. I was among the last to arrive as I didn't know that we're supposed to be meeting up there.

Just a snap of that sweet little girl's food, who is called Mazen. She took that salmon teppanyaki which she claimed not edible after sometimes later.

Mazen is the one who is laughing for nothing.

Recognize that canon bag? Nothing much in this meetup other than knowing new people and gettng contacts. The guy with the flip phone is also doing some business in agriculture of which has interest me in some of his ongoing projects.

Thanx budiey, and hope there will be more of this kind of meetup later.

1 comment:

Kendrick said...

Great blog I enjoyed reading it

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