April 3, 2007

Go Karting

What is go what is kart?

You see right? My blog is not updated. It is because i was damn busy y'all. I was not around (in JB) for quite sometimes as I was around and around and around all the time. Go round here and there.

"Along, tak nak masuk race go-kart ke?", my brother in law asked me a few weeks ago.

Have u done it? I mean go-karting? Me? Nope. But this is gonna be my first time ever!

Well, I was go rounding in the go-kart circuit. I've heard about the coming go-karting competition somewhere in KL so I was prepping myself to take part in the competition. They said the prize is gonna be not so bad!

So who was my sparring partner? Hehe, who else if not my brother in law. Can u see him in front of that lady driver. That lady driver was shouting 'BABIIII' to him as he was overtaking her recklessly. I was far behind at that time.

I trained everyday to get myself used to the machine first. Anyway, I managed to train with a lot of other experienced karters. Some of them are even the champions of past competitions. The competition I've heard will be held somewhere in the end of March or early April but I don't care. I only want to race.

So since mid of March, I've been intensifying (cheh what was that la) my training and I've been spending about few hundreds a day, just for rental and the fuel. Last time, I cannot even smell the smoke fume of my brother in law but now I can overtake him anytime. I'm very terror at racing u know.

A few days before the racing day, I decided to 'pinjam' a friend's gokart, and go practising with that kart. The kart was modified horrendously but it accelerate a lot much better than those I rented during my practising time.

The kart that i borrowed. Cun tak?

So when it comes to the day of the competition, I woke up early, excited of the competition. Well, I felt much more nervous than ever. I may have gone to a lot of other competition, like singing competition (hehehe) or drag last time, but this will be my first time racing with a go-kart. When I arrived there, I see a lot of people, and mostly children but I wasn't able to look for my brother in-law. Oh shit. I've got no idea of what should I do. I tried to contact him but his phones were shut off.

Then, I tried to make myself confident, by confidently walking towards the registration counter and submitted my IC for registration. But when I looked to the front, I wonder why they keep measuring the heights of the kids.

I looked around again and errr, there's a banner with a writing,

"Astro Ceria Go-Kart."
"Umur 10-14 tahun."
"Tinggi 140 cm ke atas."

Gampang! Why no one told me about that huh? Sheesh. My brother in law had conned me. What a waste of time. I was so tired wasting my working days, dedicating them for the my first go-kart competition! Adoih!

Nak cover malu, I waited till the last moment of the competition till the final round. Those kids are quite good though. I think I may end up losing to them.

Then I heard an announcement. It says,

"Barangsiapa yang masih membaca cerita ini, sila abaikan kerana kisah ini adalah palsu jua."

Happy belated april fool.

(gua sula talak larat tulis celiter april fool ini. jikalau lu olang malah, sila jelit babi dan comment babi di tempat comment. hehehe, telima kasih...)

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