April 20, 2007

Reality TV (a lil humble comment from me)

I used to be a big fan of these reality TV shows like American Idol and Akademi Fantasia, but things has gone a bit slow in me that I'm no longer crazy about these programs.

I might be a lil outdated here but i just want to note here that the termination of Sanjaya in the American Idol is an excellent decision ever made by the Americans.

I have to agree with Budiey that he is nothing than a junkies with no identity at all. Look at Taylor Hicks. I've never seen him trying to change what he looks like; the all-timer look.

Sanjaya? Not only he was out of pitch everytime he sang, he made me confused of what has gone wrong with the Americans? Even the Indonesians do better. Malaysia, campak ke lautla, hehehe.. Look at Mawi. How many of those who were crazy about him last time, now hated him for being himself.

Hanya Jauhari yang Mengenal Manikam. That was me :p.

I disliked him since the beginning. There was a lot of things that was wrong with him. He seems to be so wrong. He seems to be rude and disrespecting people. A lot of friends (and non-friends) argued with me about al my negative comments about him.

Now, they slowly whispered to me that I was right.

And the main issue of the current AF now is the commentators. I'm not gonna comment anything on it, as I see it as a subjective. I may say that I'm kewl with them but one thing that wemight consider to improve the critiques from this commentators are by having something like AFUNDI, but this AFJURI, of which we also able to vote for the commentators.

Top 2 will stay, and the lowest ranked commentators will be kicked out and replaced with a new one the next week.

In a way, ASTRO will have more income.

In the other way, the commentators will now behave themselves. People don't like them, they're out!

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