August 26, 2010

I was right

When I told my wife about why Maybank took quite sometimes to setup their bank in front of my office.

I answered her like this.
CIMB will always setup theirs first just to capture people eyes on their existence there, but Maybank is not going to jeopardize their business by moving in so quickly without ensuring everything is in place so that their business continuity is guaranteed.
Today, I went to both Maybank and CIMB, which located just in front of my Office in Cyberjaya (thank god, I'm so blessed to be working here). I went to Maybank first, and used up all their facility, CDM, ATM, ChqDM what ever 'M' it is, they are all working fine and no one queued at their counter, except for those non conventional banking transactions. I'm done in Maybank for less than 10 mins.

As I was having a loan with CIMB, so after withdrawing my money, I went to the next building, which is CIMB, which is located just next to Maybank, which they populated the place first. I queued up at the fudgingly slow Cash Deposit Machine (CMD) for 20 minutes just to find out that the machine was not stable and the know the fact that,
This transaction cannot be done now. Please try again later.
When I read that, it straight away gets my mind flashed the memories of all the common error with DOS prompt, 15-20 years back. They always asked us to try again later.

Then I took a counter queue number, which require me to fill in the form first, then I climbed up the stairs, just to find out there 8 more numbers queuing in front of me.

After half an hour, the number didn't move, then out of my patience, I walked up to the counter and asked,
Kak, diorang tak panggil nombor ke?
She responded by saying most of the system are out of order and she's the only one who are able to take the deposit for loans.

Then, for another 15 mins, I wait up and she called me up again and I paid.

I wasted my 1 hour and 5 minutes just to get my loan to be paid.

Why can't they be penalized for not serving us the way they should have?

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