November 17, 2009

A bowl of Quaker Oat a day campaign

I'm the one who is campaigning to all of you.

Because... I do think that it changes myself a lot.

I still remember when I was a kid, my Mom used to fed me with Quaker Oat every single day, every morning. No wonder I keep myself thin & slim all the way to my secondary school time.

I was no longer fed on Quaker Oat since my Secondary school days and since then my tummy started to grow, even though I was heavily active in sports and all sorts of activities.

Then my Tummy comes out from it's hiding place as I was no longer in sports.

Starting last week, I took at least a bowl of Quaker Oat a day. It costs me a foul-smelling poops every time I did it.

One good thing is, it takes with it all the foul-spoiling substance from your stomach.

2nd thing is, it felt like my stomach is empty but I don't feel like eating that much.

I'm slightly overweight at 78 kg right now so I intended to reach the 70 starting point this coming new year.

Then I would start to push it lower to maybe 65 or 62. Just like the old days.

Hehe.. :)

1 comment:

potenta said...

i'm in for some changes myself

good for you :)

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