July 13, 2006

Yesss! It's the Italian..

"I told you aight, that I really think that the Italian will win even though i'm a France supporter", said Izham to someone the day after the match.

This is just another intended delayed post of the World Cup. It's not that I was frustrated over the result, even though it has not really determined the level of standard of playing for the Italian if they win through the penalty shootouts. I told you, if my village player were given the chance to take the shootout, they will definitely win.

It's only that I was busy. And I waited for someone to remind me to update the blog actually. Thanks Izhal :). He always did. I know that you love me Izhal hahaha!

So, it's the Italian. No doubt about it.

Well, Blackcrowe, i didn't get you. In which part that you say I'm promoting church bro? Really, I didn't intend to.

And to Boogie, even the bookie also close shop during the final. There were so many predictions and they cannot rely on any of them


There were a few facts/moment that I will not forget in the world cup. Sorted by the topping of the list incidents.
  1. Zidane was sent out in the Final of World Cup, whereby that was his last International Game before he retired. It seems like Zidane is a the bad guy here, but for me, Zidane wouldn't do that if he's not being provoked. There's no use of anti-discrimination campaign by the FIFA if the Italian were still racist. Do not forget that Italian, German and England were among the discriminative country in the world. Not to mention France too. That Italian player must have provoked him racistly, especially when Zidane is actually a Muslim, and Zidane was provoked as he's a terrorist. It might be an over-reacted response from Zidane, but that was the fact and Zidane shouldn't be humiliated for that act.
  2. Zidane was crowned as the Best Player of World Cup 2006. He really deserved it.
  3. When Zidane and Figo hugged each other at the end of their game. I really like that moment.
  4. When Beckham cried just after he was withdrawn from the game. He knew that the game would be his last game in the World Cup. It was an emotional moment for me too.
  5. The moment when Rooney was sent off the game was an injustice act by the referee, at least for me. Rooney was accidentally stepped on the Portugal guy when he gets boiled up when C.Ronaldo claimed for the offense. As a human being, how would u feel if your own friend do that to you. C.Ronaldo was doing it like he has got nothing to do with Rooney. I will definitely get angry too, don't tell me rooney is an angel and he shouldn't.
  6. The moment when the Germany lost to Italy. Hahahaha. It's a satisfaction feeling that I cannot describe.
  7. How come Ghana able to qualify to the World Cup Finals? Malaysia used to beat them over and over again, especially in the Pestabola Merdeka. But they were damn good. I really love watching their game. They're just lacking of a finisher. They might need one, like Ronaldo or Klose.
  8. The moment when Brazil lost to France. I like that too hehehe.
  9. I think most of the referee has been one-sided in this world cup. You can see it especially when the referee allowed all the 3 offside gols by the Brazil when they beaten Ghana. Those moves were obviously offside and it was not granted. Is this just another act of discrimination towards the Third World Countries like Ghana?
  10. The fact that I missed all the Final Matches of the World Cup since 1986. Only the finals. Stupid eh?
And those are just the things that I am able to recall. Do you guys have others? Don't be hesitate to share them with me down there. You know, I didn't watch all of the games so i might be missing a lot of things that you guys may have!

Life's about sharing, aight?

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