July 5, 2006

Germany has been denied...!

Italy has made its way to the final, just the way i wanted. Germany has not been in my favor, and in fact, Germany sucks all time. I do feel like Germany fans were sometimes irritating, as irritating as how the Germany played roughly on their opponents.

The predicted 2-0 winning of Italy over Germany a few minutes before the second half was started has been accepted with a various responses. I just dare not to bet this time. Predictions has been screwed up badly.

Grossos's golden opening goal in the extra time was a bomb! I was nearly half sleeping waiting for the penalty shootouts when suddenly i heard the commentators screaming for joy. When I opened up my eyes, the Italian footballers were celebrating their moments in the 119th minute.

I was again shocked with the 2nd goal by Del Piero in the 121st minute. This was just an amazing play by the Azzuri!

I'm telling you, Italy was not even qualified in my Eligible-to-be-Champion list. I have listed teams like England (sorry guys, I'm an England Fanatic), France, Germany (I have to... sorry), Brazil and Argentina.

I've never picked on Italy. I knew one of the Italy Fanatics. She's my Sister, Fadhlina. I remembered that she used to cry when Italy lost their game back in 2002, when I was struggling from an emotional breakdown, instead, I laughed at her. She said that I don't understand how does she felt.

I have nothing to say about the whole game. It was f*ckin boring. Germany is such a boring team. Their moves were weird. When they play, they looked like a bunch of freaks running on the grass. I seriously do not understand people think that Germany is a kewl team. Italy was just another boring team, unless lately, on their way to the final since the top16 round, they're going to repeat the 1982 world cup history.

Remember Paolo Rossi? Who's gonna be the next Paolo Rossi then? Totti is dysfunctional. Del Piero then?

In the other game, I would favor France to move on even though I'm 100% sure and understood that Scolari was the Brazil's coach for the previous Brazil's world cup achievement, and he would do the same magic to Portugal.

Portugal is very strong at this very moment. With now Deco and most of other players back in the main squad, Portugal vs France is going to be a super interesting game to watch and study.

As for France, if Henry and Zidane can do their job very well, it's possible that the French is going to take the cup back to their home again after 8 years.

We'll just wait and see. Who's gonna beat Italy in the final or would Italy repeat the 1982's history of World Cup?

Only god knows.. Less than 24 hours from now!

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