July 27, 2006

Terrorist and the boys.

Classification :: Humanity

I would write if my time allows me to. All this while, I would prefer to write something cynical, or maybe i would write a lil bit on the economy, as long as I have the knowledge about it.

Every day, in each and every paper i read, they would portray about the attack of the Israelis to the Palestinian/Lebanon people.

In my opinion as a writer in my blog, i wrote to influence the readers to do or think something about it. I wrote cynically so that the world would know that I don't feel good about something.

In this matter, my writings would not be able to spark anything except to raise the rage beneath the heart of everyone who reads this. What's with rage? What can we do about it? Seriously matters, this is an act that all of us think that we would like to stop it.

Writing is just not enough.

* And I wonder why everytime i write seriously no one would dare to drop their comment *sigh*

(thanx for the "cynical" word. really appreciate it)

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