August 3, 2006


Classification :: Personal

My life was way a lot happier for the past few months. I met new people, do new things, ventured into new business, experienced things that i could've never imagined I would do and so much more! Life is just great not to live it.

Despite of all the other sorrorities and problems around the world, I sometimes found myself living in a total different world, within other people but my world was just for me. I cared about the others but people wouldn't just give it a damn about me.

Lately, I haven't been following the local and global news as it was all the same thing over and over again. Given my time was all occupied for work, and lately for, blogging's cut from the pie of my 24 hours time has to be shrinken. I have less to write, not to say the time for me to bloghopping as I used to do few months before.

Recently, a lot of things were coming up; personal, work, family and love life.

In a much more recent happenings, I'm in a deep dilemma.

How do u guys deal with dilemmas?

* Of course it was all about the available options.

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