August 9, 2006

KJ answers..

Classification :: Local Politic

After resting from writing about politic for quite sometime, I'm now ready to rumble!

Honestly, as a Malaysian, I would prefer KJ to step down. I think most of the UMNO members (and I'm an UMNO members too) would love to see him step down from the Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO position.


He selfishly thought that people attacked him as they are not in the position to attack the PM. I don't really get it now. What's wrong with him? He's nothing to me. People wouldn't need to tackle him off his position to put Paklah down. I'm sure he knew that once Paklah goes down, he would worsely dive in to the deeper part of the river (terjun lubuk).

This is not something like Sepaktakraw, where the weakest player (who we would also call the 'lubuk') would be the strongest point of attack. Definitely wrong. This is politic. People would use the weakest player to penetrate the weakest point of the politician, and would that be him?

He should also remember when he was first elected as the Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO, for the first time in the history of UMNO, a leader was booed. Who was that? Hehe..

As an observer, KJ is just another trouble causing item to the PM. Some people think that they were softly forced by the leadership to give KJ the mandate to be the one of the UMNO leader. As a member of UMNO, what was his contribution to the party so far to make him deserve such a high party post?

As he joined in seriously, I would say the PM had lost most of his influential colleagues (not to mention TDM himself). If he's to booed, why UMNO picked him? I'm so confused.

More confusing when he explained about all the issues which I'm going to discuss about it one by one.

An affair with the vampire

He denied the marriage with the vampire but he didn't say anything about the affair with the vampire.

ECM Libra - Avenue

He said he borrowed the money? Proof? Anybody just can say that. Right? WHere do u get the money? Someone can just say I found it eventhough he stole it.

Another issue was, after a week of the buying over process, there was the announcement of the merger of the ECM Libra and the Avenue. Come on! Avenue is a big GLC company. I wonder why would such transaction was not being monitored by the MOF? Why would we need 2 ministers in the MOF? By history, there was no such thing as selling/buying/merging of GLCs in just a week or two.

MOF is not doing their work, or... family affairs trading?

Sales of equity of the local bank (Alliance Bank)

How dare u sell the local bank to the foreign entity. How dare you..!

Sales of Pantai Holding of more the 30% to foreign entity

Again, the MOF is not doing their work. MAKAN GAJI BUTA!

Sales of equity in MV Augusta

He was trying to compare the sales of MV augusta with the Air ASIA. Even though it's a through put point of sales (Air Asia at RM1 and MV Augusta at 1 Euro), Air Asia was sold locally, instead of MV Augusta that was sold to the foreigner.

Even though he is just nobody in the government, he keep saying that he wasn't the advisor to the PM, but he has always seen to be explaining the issues that the GOVERNMENT should explain? Don't you wonder? Pelik tak?

And lately, there are even warnings to all the bloggers out there!



* I'm going to Tanjung Balai, Indonesia for a few days from today. Will update as often as possible.

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