August 28, 2006

Just get home from... Jakarta!

Classification :: Trip Report

The reason why i didn't straight away put up the sequence of my visit to Selat Panjang was because i wasn't able to figure out why the pictures i uploaded didn't appear in my blog, but now, I've found a way already!

And a few days after that, I went off to Bandung and Jakarta, so I didn't really have the time to update (plus most of my angau pets died because my brother thought that i was able to access the Internet in Indon).

There was me, my father, my mom, ina, farah, bob and his son, together we took the KLM flight (which was damn fuckin cheap as the return ticket cost us about RM270++ each) from KLIA to Jakarta. I was a lil bit excited as it was quite I haven't been travelling by flights. The last time was I guess, 12 years ago?

And that was my first time boarding from KLIA. I was there a few times, but just to send people off. Sent my father mostly, my ex-gf, my family members and so on. It was quite nice in the inside. With the man-made waterfalls, the train. It was quite another world experience, isolated.

I was a lil bit jakun there but I have to admit it.

So as the time passed by, we boarded at 3.50PM, on a B747-400 transporter. Nice! Food were provided (I was told Air Asia didn't serve any food). I was comfortably sated and I kept looking at the TV screen as it was displaying the information of the flights, such as the altitude, speed, outside temperature and so on. I didn't know that the outside temperature was very low, which was at around -38 degree celcius. That was cold!

As we landed in Jakarta, Bob negotiated the car rental and we made our move to Bandung. It took us two hours and we had dinner at a place that serves only noodles. it tasted like the Indomie Mee Goreng, so it was only me and Bob enjoyed the mee.

Ina was complaining the noodle was too sweet for her.

The rest, gone case. They just enjoyed the fruit juice. I'm telling you, the fruit juice there were all pure! Try the strawberry juice. Originally very sweet! Then we checked in to the Papandayan Hotel, which was quite a classy one. Per night was just about RM190 malaysian money. When everyone was asleep, me and Bob went down and both of us did sing at the bar just before it was closed at 12 midnite.

The next day, we went to the bazaar or marketplace where people were selling things at a very low price. Most of them were the clothings. As usual my mom will do her routine in shopping. Shopping till i felt like my legs were gonna drop off. We had problem with Indonesian Rupiah note so I went out of the bazaar to look for the place to buy Rupiah. I managed to take these pictures..

Farah by the roadside of the bazaar

A scenery at the bazaar area. The signboard clearly saying that no selling is allowed but look at it...!

Then we had lunch at the Restoran Suharti, a special dish of Fried Chicken, which was quite popular there. In the evening, we went to visit a relative there and went back to the hotel. That night, again me and Bob went out, take our late dinner and later took a 'BECA' to go round Bandung at night. Nothing much except for the girls to be taken home or the tranvestites. It was quite a sightseeing then.

The famous Ayam Suharti of Indonesia

Relative in Bandung, Pak Syed who claimed himself as one of Muhammad Rasulullah descendants with my father

Kak Bedah with my mom, ina and farah(sleeping)

The next morning, we went to another place to look around for things for the last time before we made our move to Jakarta. Then we checked out!

So, I think Jakarta should be in the next post then hehe :p Da!

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