August 14, 2006

A work trip to Selat Panjang, Indonesia (cont'd)

Classification :: Trip Report

Did I tell you that as I arrived, i was messed up by the 'OJEK' service operator who were bugging me to get their service? Ojek is actually the motorbike. And FYI, I dun think i see cars around here. So the main transportation is the motorbike.

As we arrived, the contact who were supposedly fetch us at the port wasn't there. After about two hours of waiting, I decided to get to the hotel and rest. We were heading to a Nasi Padang restaurant, Asia Baru when we met with Idros, the contact in Selat Panjang. We had lunch and checked in to the hotel, which I forgotten the name. Very bad hotel, at the price of Rp135,000 per night, I would say. At night, we walked around for a very nice dinner and went back to sleep.

Actually i cannot sleep. The surroundings were too loud as the hotel is operating the KTV call girls were walking around the corridor. At last, i fell asleep with the TV watching me.

The next day, nothing much happened. We went out for breakfast at this one nice coffee shop nearby the hotel. We were all served by cute girls, and it even does have the roti canai there. The girls who were opening the roti canai stall were quite cute and pretty I would say. No wonder the roti canai were nice too. :p

I decided to check out the hotel and get a better hotel. We went to a much better hotel with additional Rp2,500 and it was like a 3 star hotel. People serve us better and the TV service was better.

In the afternoon, we took a walk and captured some nice pictures. Well, the place was quite dirty but there are a few things that I think would be a unique for some of us.

Part of the town is built up from these platforms. The land was originally Mangrove so most of the soil are the soft kind. The platform like these were built kilometers long.

Quite a scenery from the small jetty. These jetty is the connecting jetty to all the small surrounding islands from Selat Panjang. I remembered they have the scheduled boats like going to a place named Chentai and so on.

Another scenery from the restaurant I was having the dinner the night before.

The Jetty that I was talking about. People also send cargo through this jetty. These people were waiting for their cargos to be unloaded from the boats.

At night, a relative to Idros and his friend came over to our hotel to take us out. There's actually nothing much to see at night so we decided to have dinner. Alright, this time we're so nailed. Nasi Ayam, with Flour Fried Prawn and drinks cost us almost RM50 our money. Ridiculous but what to do?

As we get back to the hotel, I was hoping that I can sleep to forget the food incident. Actually, this new hotel was exactly the same. The disco and KTV was just behind of our bed and i have to wait for them to close before I can properly go to sleep.

The next day, we went for breakfast at the same place, and when we're about to leave, those guide took us to their home, as one of them is running a jamming studio so he took me there to check it out. On the way back, school kids were doing the preparation for the Indonesian Independence Day.

So cute!

Then we headed back to Tanjung Balai. 3 workers followed me back. AS I arrived in Tanjung Balai, i separated from the workers as to avoid local people chasing our money for getting people to work in Malaysia. I bought myself some fruits and later boarded. When the boat is about to depart, i realized that the 3 workers did not manage to board in the same boat with me.

I tell you, he's gonna be in a very serious trouble! hahaha!

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