July 17, 2006

Why www.angau.com...?

As I started to opened up an account with www.angau.com, i found myself stucked in a miserable addiction.

It was started with just a normal friendster-like website, where we put up our personal profile to promote ourselves. As all my other siblings, they have all the things with friendster and mySpace, angau is just another friendfinder websites.

Well, later, angau has become not just another friendfinder site. It made me wants to log myself in at least once a day.

Alright, before things became more interesting, i have to remind you that angau is a free to join website but to squeeze the extra things out of it, you may have to pay using SMS, and this SMS thingy is sadly only for Malaysian but lucky me!

Basically for an account, you'll be able to compose your own profile, to chat in a common room, to seek for a match, to look for the personality ranking, and a lame help page. You'll be able to vote each profile you're looking at. And you will be served with the profiles of the day where a profile would be picked up randomly.

Oh yeah, the whole website is in Malay language. They have their own currency, which represented with the symbol "æ", instead of RM. The equivalent value of each æ100 is equal to RM1.00. They provided the topup service with the value of the topup amount (Let say RM2.00 for the value of æ200) plus RM0.15 for the SMS sending service.

The whole becoming a lil bit interesting when angau introduced an RPG concept that mirror the concept of the real life. GOING TO WORK!

Going to work would require you to have certain statistics like strength, intelligence and appearance that is static, and else you would require you to ensure your daily statistics like energy, cleanliness and happiness level is suitable to go to work.

To maintain the statistics level, there is a list of activities like workouts, studying, grooming class, sleep, bathing, karaoke and so many more to choose from. Things are made a lil bit more interesting when you'll be promoted to a certain level and they made a ranking list out of those who were holding the best position in angau.

Beside, they not only made you feels like logging in once a day, they even want you to log every hour as well. They offered you to pet cats, fish and plants, where at certain time, these pets will give birth to a new one, and if we're lucky, the pet will generate a unique or extraordinary species that can be trade in at a higher price.

The most interesting part is the ranking part. There are monetary, belongings, idol, career and award-winning. And of course the all-rounder ranking. And there are also certain items that can help you to raise your ranking level.

Well, this is just a post of my new new affection on the NET. Eh try la guys. Who knows, you'll beat me one day hehe..

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