July 18, 2006

No more secrets....!

All this while, she wanted it to be the mother secret of all the secrets. She even had a song for it, "Biarlah Rahsia" (keep it a secret), in her effort to be secretive about her relationship.

It was all started after she had just done her Royal Albert Hall show in London. And in less than a year, the lucky man has done enought to convince her and the whole family to let him marry her. In just a year? That's pretty kewl aight? We normal people do need more than 2 years to convince each other, yet the family, just to get married.

I find it so amazing that :-
  1. The announcement was so big, they made press conference just to satisfy each and everyone who wanted to know about it.
  2. It's was fully covered by the media
  3. It has already pre-awarded as the wedding of the year.
  4. It was telecasted live on one of the TV station.
  5. I think everyone who's got the chance to watch it on TV couldn't afford to miss it.
As a normal human who had just been her fan only for the past few years, I feel like Malaysia is going to lose her. Admitting that I really think that she deserves someone better, that is her decision, which was publicly blessed by her own family.

Well, I also do think that before this, there were nobody had really been serious in approaching her. I think she's a nice, sweet and pretty kampung girl who knows how to take care of myself. But looking at her status as the No.1 Singer of Malaysia, most of males (including me) would think that she's just another unapproachable lady.

Well as for me, I've never had a chance to do so. If I have, I would love to give it a try but God had just says NO to it.

Or maybe whoever person who had approached her was nicely opposed or rejected by her family members.

As I'm quietly observing the background of Datuk 'K', it's really frightening me.
On the other side, as a fan, I wish her the best for her life. I love you Siti and don't you ever turn the Malaysian down. Hope that you'll just stay the way you are now.

* Who's going on the 21st of August? Jom!

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