December 28, 2005

Wonders, ponders, tickles..

The Change Time & Date option.

Some of you might wonder how to change the date & time. Recently has updated their posting page so that the Change Time & Date option was hidden. I just don't care, I'm admitting that it took me two days to figure out where does it gone to?

In fact a lot of people asked me the same thing. So here it is how to have it back on your screen.

Look at the posting page, there's a Post and Comment Options down there. I've circled it for the convenience of you guys.

Click on it. So it reappears. So I know u guys were looking for this. A lot of people asked me where does it goes too? So enjoy guys!

A lil bit on the current wood/timber pricing

It has definitely gone up! I've got a lot of calls for the last few weeks. I've not getting any large transaction this month. Was hoping that i'll be getting good things in the New Year that is coming.

Ah yeah, what's going to be my next resolution eh? Get a new project car? A turbocharged? Turbo or Trubo? hehehe..

A continuation of my previous post, To be Jealous or not to be Jealous?

I'm very interested with the comment given by Sarimah.

"if he's not good looking.. then keluar la."

Hahaha.. Don't you think that's a violation of her 'rights' to choose who she wanna go out with by stopping her going out with someone good looking? I don't know. We are living in the free world. We are free to choose. We are free to hurt someone we love. But it is our choice to do so.

For me, er i don't really mind going out with someone not pretty, because a lot of girls nowadays are not pretty though (imagine me saying this with a serious face and hidung kembang kuncup, tahan gelak) hahaha! Was joking actually. Don't take it so hard girls! I just wanna make up a point here. No significant point, just a point of joke.

Well, if i have a jealousy GF one day, it would cause me a lot of trouble. I've a lot of pretty good looking friends from the opposite sex, and a few good looking male friends as well. I used to have a GF who used to be so jealous me being so close with OMEN. Do I look like a gay? Come on..!

And should i be jealous. I don't know. Jealous should be there if and only if i think my position of affection is being jeopardized, but once i love someone, i will trust her. There's nothing to worry. She won't do anything bad if she loves me. And she will always have the special place in me (quoting sarc's comment).

But for a guy like me, i do not know what would happen, girls are just irresistable but on a principal base, i wouldn't let myself crossing over the border as easy as that, if and only if i am with somebody. Even though i'm a fair and square person (quoting beachbabe). If i'm with somebody and I'm still doing stupid things, she should know where she stand. Sounds cruel but that's the truth fact!

Does jealousy related to heartbreaks?

And what with the old flames?

Some people they just don't care, but for some people it does matters a lot!

At this stage of life, i have a lot of other things to do. I've to admit that i might not to be able to cope with a fancy lalaland love life. I just want a simple life. Why should i make it so complicated by incorporating such complicating emotional elements..?

Messy... (rimas)

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