December 21, 2005

Snatching and the toilets!

Wattaaaa!! Let's kungfu! My mom has just signed up for a tai chi group. The group will actually assemble every morning, monday to friday, at the playground field in front of my house. So IZHAM, watch out, your mom might be 'kuntau'ing you if you're being naughty with Farah or any of your siblings who you've always bullied.

And i've just did something to my very own car. You can see it here

Snatching and the toilets!

The title has no relation to each other, it's just that i've 2 things to highlight tonite. It has been boggling my head for the past few days, it was that the time was always jealous of me for being so free actually, but currently i've been keeping myself busy with things.

I've seen a few snatchings that happens in front of me. One that I've always remembered was the one happen in the area of The Mall or Pan Pacific KL, where two motorists were snatching a handbag of a lady. The traffic police was there, but they did nothing as they were busy catching people who were doing the U-Turn wrongly in front of the Mall (so drivers out there, be careful with the No-U-Turn sign because the police might have waited for you there). I was there, only got a chance to ran to the middle of the road and kicked the motorbike but it wasn't powerful enuf to fall 'em down. So there goes the bag with the whole thing inside. The traffic police was still there, looking, and only after a few minutes coming over and tell the lady to be careful with the handbag next time.

What? Just that?

No, not only that. They even blamed the lady for nor being careful some more. I was about to be mean to them but i was still being able to control my anger. Policemen, I don't know what to say but that's the fact.

Another one was in Kajang, where i saw a few people chasing a guy holding a handbag, which one of them managed to fall him down by catching one of his leg. So, u must be expecting the people then beat him up right?

Yes, you are smart. But the policemen there was trying to be even smarter by actually holding people from beating him up and unexpectedly, the snatcher managed to runaway, together with the handbag.

What was actually happening? I do not know. I'm still thankful people were there to help but who was culprit to cause the snatcher to run away? I was so frustrated that I walked away and had a cendol nearby. It was so refreshing to enjoy cendol after the chasing scene while the rest of us were talking about it.

A few of close friends had also been the victim of these poorly inhuman snatchers. A few years back, a friend, Helena was struggling to protect her handbag from being snatched by the snatcher, in the middle of a lot of people, in the Brickfields, but annoyingly, those a lot of people has never done a thing about it, except for watching it like it was a movie shooting was in progress. Gosh! Helena fell down on the road and still no one helped her! Were these people human being? Even a monkey will protect their own-being if it was being attacked.

Latest, my friend CKin (she's the friend of Elly, and she used to be commenting a lot in my blog) was being snatched on the last Friday, when she was on her way back home after work. Sadly, it was done by school kids.

CKin was hit on her head by the helmet. Hit on the body, on her hand and so on. She lost her spectacles initially that causes her to be unable to do anything at all. She cried for help (oh i cannot imagine myself in her situation). Luckily, the traumatic event was seen by a kid who actually manage to shout 'HOI!!!' to the bullies that caused the bullies to dropped the bag somewhere, and the kid returned the bag back to CKin.

She is really traumatized. I hope she'll be doing well. Just pray to god.


For males (I'm not so sure about females), what would expect when you get into public toilets?

When I was schooling, to be frank, sometimes i'll be aroused reading the things my seniors was doing to the toilet walls. You know why? They even draw in detail to picturize everything they've been imagining. There's one particular senior girl who was so popular inside the toilet. Her name was so everywhere, especially the 2nd toilet from the left. I don't know what so special about that toilet, but what I know was the particular toilet was always clean and everything was working in a very good order. I was always trembled when we bumped to each other.

Not only those pervert things, there some about the anger towards the teachers, especially the principal. I was always had my laugh of the day when they came up with the new joke of 'Cokman', the principal of my school at that time. Not to mention about the joke of 'Cikgu Yamin', and some other teacher. There were teachers who was sex-symbolized on the walls of the toilets as well.

Years gone, then when it come to the public toilets, there were a lot issues were being brought up. Not only sexual, there are also political sketches, as well as religious and racism jots in the public toilets. I don't know, if we're having something like the berlin's wall, what would our people actually write on it?

As years gone by, the toilet scratches has become more advance, which people now, dare themselves to leave their contact numbers as well.

And the most popular is now, the GAY Service.

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