December 13, 2005


A week has past without me having the luxury of sitting in front of any Laptop or PC to do my blog.

I have a post in progress but it has been abandoned, thus i'm not in the mood to continue with it.

Lately, i've been tracking down a lot of friend's blog. A good ol' friend of mine has also started his own blog which was hillarious and mind blowing. I was soothing my mind by reading his blog, having laughs of my life and forgetting every single burden in my head.

Have u ever been to Taiko's blog? If you haven't, then u should! How to get there? Find out the link to his blog at the left side of this blog. There's a word TAIKO, just click on it. I'm so damn ass lazy to create another linkage in my post.

Last week, I've been up and down from Seremban to KL for a few times. I even went up to kl just to join the weekly Futsal activity, while my brother turned up just to introduce his new wife to friends. I've again did the 'Killer Drive of Bukit Putus' with the Purple Beetles of my father's, where it took me only 25 minutes to reach Senawang from Kuala Pilah. I really enjoyed the drive.

I even smoked a new Honda Accord! Hei that bloody car is fast man!

Then I drove back to JB on Wednesday just to catch up with my 2nd Harry Potter screening. Get back to Seremban on the Friday night just to catch up with Romdzi's small feast he's gonna had on Saturday. Not so many people were invited, but I end up staying there till late night, just to help him to get the license for the GT4 game on his PS2.

And on Sunday, I've had the scariest drive in my Honda Civic, as I was testing my car to the limit by carrying the most load i've ever put into my car. As we dropped by in my hometown, we took 2 of my cousins to be taken back to JB. I was so in relief as we reach our home. My car must be suffering a lot from the heavy loads!

Today I'm back in JB. Been to narnia's screening and it was kewl, even I was actually hoping that they will stay there for ever and after.

For me, Narnia is an escapism of the real life. How i wish i can go there for sometime, without actually wasted my time in my real life. I may stop the time whenever i want, having vacation for as long as I want, without having to waste the time of my real life.

Narnia has created some sort of 'Doraemon's Dreams' in my head. I used to be dreaming of having the Time Machine so that I can fix the mistakes I've done in the past. I was always longing the the Flyin Fan that we can put on our head and fly whenever there's traffic jam in the KL city. I wish that that I can have the 'Magic Door' that can take me anywhere in seconds.

I was once even hoped that i have all those kind of things to solve my problems.

Correct me if I'm wrong, that most of us were by any chance, will try to look for the best way of escapism from what we don't like around us. For me sometimes, I blog as an escapism of the badly need of talking to someone at times. But currently, I blog as to share things in my head.

I'm currently shared most of my time with people i care a lot and I want to be with every single minute.

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