December 26, 2005

As I woke up early today!

First of all, remember it's christmas and I'm wishing everyone Merry Christmas!!

Driving on Malaysian Highways before/during/after festivals

Pathetic huh?

Yesterday, as I was driving down-south, I can see the opposite direction of the highway was jam-packed. What was the problem with one of the most expensive highway in asia?

1. Traffic was crawling, from Kajang exit towards the Sungai Besi exit.
2. The traffic moved suckingly slow even before the Pedas exit towards Seremban exit. I cannot imagine it at night.

The traffic going down-south was ok but not as smooth as it was supposed to be. It's okay to have too many cars on the highway, but the problem occurs when:-

1. Car driven slowly at the right lane. Yesterday, there was a proton iswara XXX YYYY, cruising at the speed of 70-80 km/h on the right lane, and refused to move to the left lane after I flashed my headlight. I have to overtake him by using the left lane.
2. There's a lot of heavy transportation as well. As they were moving crawlingly, the overtaking vehicles, either buses or cars, drive at the same pace/speed of the vehicles they were overtaking. As sometimes i can see that, in front of the most front vehicle was so empty!

These are attitude problem! They didn't care about other people, especially the iswara driver. Did he realized that he had cause a long trail of vehicles for driving so slow at the right lane? I'm thankful that there's a lot of good drivers who didn't want to overtake using the left lane, and just wait for the Iswara driver to move to the left lane but that has caused long long trails!

That caused a lot of people overtaking using the left lane. Not to mention those who use the emergency lanes. I really don't mind the drivers driving on the emergency lane. They have the right to do so. What's the main purpose of building the highways anyway?

Pay to the service of the highway to shorten the length of time and distance of travelling

I've jotted some of my radical and crazy ideas in Zetty's Comment Page once. Someone was really opposing my idea, i think in a very bad way, but nevermind, i was just not so interested to get myself to long in an argument that's going nowhere!

And the problem with the highway providers are:-

1. They are highly in debts, but still manage to pay bonuses (what kind of business is this?)
2. The highway they built expensively never stand for long. There must be a rebuild after few years. That cost a lot of money!
3. They do the rebuild thing when there's a lot of cars! Can u guys do it at night?
4. The number of cars keep increasing every year, and the providers keep increasing the toll fees. They made a lot of money out of people's toll fees but still they cannot keep the highway as good as it should be!
5. They mistakenly provide the number of tollgates at the exits. That caused jams.
6. When the highway is jammed, they NEVER let the highway users to use the ALTERNATIVE ROADS! That is greedily sucks!

A lot more, i cannot remember everything but i'll add it up here once i figured 'em out. And i do think that the speed limit should be eliminated. You can see why i said that in the link above. (scroll up dears, scroll up for the link)

As i do think that the highway providers won't be reading my entry, i think we as the user should do something about it. What we can do to improve things?

1. First and foremost, spend a lil bit to buy the touch 'n' go and the smart tag thingy. Every highway is using it now, so it saves us a lot of queueing time. Not to mention the 'pride' when you passed through all the queueing cars at the exit tolls hahahaha!
2. Be a good highway driver! Do not keep yourself in the right lane if there's no car in the left lane even u're driving at the speed of 110 km/. A fast car might approaching behind and let them go! A single braking lamp flash would affect the whole queueing trail to slow down. It will cause accident for those less concentrating drivers too!!
3. Do not brake too often. Keep a very good distance.The effect is like the above!
4. Drive a good car with good picking up ability! It helps to overtake better!
5. When overtaking, please drop gear or press the accelerator a lil bit more. You should overtaking at faster speed than the car you overtaking! If you cannot overtake, just slow down and take ur place at the left lane and let other people go!
6. Do not get pissed off when people flash at you when you're slow. If your car is slow, get to the left lane! If your car is powerful, just drop your gear and press the pedal! Show them that it's not worth flashing your car. Up to you.
7. If someone is blocking the right lane, please flash your lights! I would normally drive very closely to the right of the car's right back and flashing my lights!
8. Just be someone wise enough. Don't so stupid things that will cause inconvenience to others. Be alert enough to sniff the possibility of accidents. If you are not confident, than don't do it.
9. If the highway stuck, learn to use the alternative roads. Take the map with you. You won't be lost in Malaysia. It such a small country! It sounds weird when people actually can find their ways in the foreign country but lost in their own country.

* to avoid casual jam between the Simpang Ampat toll exit and Seremban exit on the highway, simply exit the highway, and just head to Seremban using the normal road. There's a lot of sign boards. You won't lost at all.

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