December 13, 2005

Tagged by Kak Zuni

Heh, kak Zuni, it's been a while after u tagged me and now I'm gonna do it..

1) Dwelve into ur blog archieve.
2) Find ur 23rd post (or closest to)
3) Find the 5th sentence (or closest to)
4) Ponder it for meaning,subtext or hidden agenda
5) tag 5 people to do the same.

So my 23rd post, 5th sentence "Firstly, it was my boss who were doing it

I was talking about the job that were being assigned to me. At first my boss did it, but as he gets no more time i will have to do his job.

& this tag goes to ::

1) Noral Isma
2) Taiko
3) Tinidewi
4) Langsuir
5) Nadya Shahabuddin


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