December 1, 2005

Today, that is an amazing thursday.

First of all, as today is 1st December, I'd like to wish a friend of mine, Erein, who opened up the shell station at Ulu Klang,


Just now, I was doing my Malay blog.

Been in JB since Monday, as I was suffering from the eye sore, caused by my ignorance, by going to sleep without removing the contact lenses.

Once I reached JB, after dealing with the bank matters with my mom and to the clinic, I was on the bed for the rest of the day!

Sarc called when I was waiting for my mom in front of the bank.

Tuesday I went shopping with my mom. Bought myself a pretty purple Baju Melayu, to be wore on the wedding day of my brother. The wedding has a theme color, so it is purple.

Then my father drove my car away to Seremban, leaving me his daily driven volkswagon for me to gamble for my driving journey back to Seremban on Friday, after Izzat finished his SPM.

My father dropped by Pagoh, and called me asking where did he put his house key? I told him that I've no idea at all. Asked to search for it, I did and I called him back to letting it to his knowledge that I haven't found the keys.

A few minutes later, he called home, telling me that, he lost his handphone. My father was trying to blame me by saying, it was you called, then I put the handphone at the wudhuk place, then later I've forgotten!

For god sake, Abah, what is happening to you? So absent-minded, but I guess Abah is just so burdened up with a lot of things going on. Well, how many times I did tell you to keep your phone in your pocket, nowhere else. There's nothing wrong if u put your phone in the pocket and when it rings, just ignore it!

LESSON :: Always keep your handphone in your pocket!

I just can't wait for wednesday. There's a lot of things to be done. I'm going to put get the volkswagon a CD player, complete with all the speakers. The car was barely boring without all those things inside.

Continuously exciting, I met Sarc for the first time at the Johor Bahru City Square. I can't imagine myself, driving straight from the car accessory shop meeting her. Being improperly dressed, we went to Vivo for a so-so dinner and went to Danga Bay for an extension of our conversations.

On Thursday, after picking up my brother from his school, I went to Pelangi for another lunch meeting. There was this incident where a moron driver, who refused to do anything, when the barrier wasn't going up! It took a driver to get out of his car, to tell the driver to pay the ticket first. And it took me to check out what was going on.

What happened was, the driver was trying to escape the route, by driving over the divider. Oh gosh! It really looks like a criminal in an escape attempt. Me and sarc were wondering what has been going wrong with the driver. Well, we managed to get ourselves out of the building and sent her to the office, while I later drove back home.

After some blog hopping, I realized something. I've met Elly (not nik elyani ok) somewhere else before I met her for the first time (it should be the second time now) sometimes ago.

Something about Elly, she's a super nice lady, we did talk about a lot of things, and recently she posted about her long lost love (hehe) which a lil bit touched me at the mere bottom of my heart.

I've gotta know this one lady, CKin, who found me up through my older blog, while she was looking for a suitable place for karaoke.We became friends, and we met at the Hard Rock Cafe. She wasn't the clubbing type, but she was there as the band members were her friends. There, I met Elly as well, and I was about to mingle around with all her friends, but then I've forgotten!

The world is too small. Then I met Elly again, without realizing that I've met her in HRC before.

I just wanna wish her Happy 29th birthday. Her birthday was on the 27th, which was on last Sunday. Same day as Sazuan Nazrah's birthday. Tasha's was on the 26th. Wani my cousin was on the 20th, same day as Nurul Jannah. Khalila was on the 11th of November and Ija, was on the 10th.

Life is so amazing. As amazing as today.

I think today is an amazing day.

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