December 3, 2005

La Misión Logró

It means.. Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday, my task was to drive the volkswagon from JB to Seremban. I really have to prepare myself mentally, physically and pocketly because the car was consuming gas like 2 mercedesz cars when I drove in town.

Without doing the Jumaat Prayer, we (me & izzat) left at around 1.30 from Bandar Baru Uda. Oh yeah, Izzat has just finished his SPM exams, so I was actually waiting for him, then only i can make a move to Seremban.

I refueled the car to the max. Never expect this, the tank can actually fit in more than RM60 of petrol. Yesterday I filled in RM55 of petrol, with quite a lot of balance inside it. I always use Esso/Mobil.

I was driving at 40 mph, slowly and sometimes it does reach 45 mph. Then, our first stop was at the Kulai stop. I went for the toilet, leave the rear bonnet opened, bought some curry puffs, and drink, and we proceed with the journey till the Machap R&R. We had our lunch, I had meehoon soup while izzat took mee soto.

It was damn hot! I opted not to switch the air-conditioner on to avoid any problem with the engine, unless it's raining. The weather would be colder and the air going through the engine would be colder too!

The gas was still full. After 20 minutes, we continued with our journey. Again we stopped at the Yong Peng stop, again I went for the toilet. Then we proceed drive till we reach the Pagoh R&R.

I decided to stop and do our Jamak Prayers there. As usual, we left the bonnet opened, and left for surau. Surprisingly, there were people selling durians. This is not suppose to be the season of durian yet. The seller told me that, sometimes the trees bloomed their flowers at a wrong timing, so that result the durian to fruit at this time.

I paid RM10 and enjoyed the durians!

Izzat with the durians. At the back there was the chinese old man who sold me the durians!

Done with that, we proceed with the journey. After a few stops, the car was a lil bit lighter, the engine was smoother, till it produced the very original and expensive whistling beetle sounds from it's exhausts. The car easily reached 50 mph, and there were times i reached 65 mph.

Looking at it, it was speeding at 50mph but still it was still taking over a lot of cars. At that time, I was cruising at the right lane of the highway! Look at the fuel also. It was still full!

At that time, I even took over a mercedesz and a honda accord! But of course, the car was cruising down the hill haha!

And then again, we stopped at the Ayer Keroh Bridge Restaurant, as usual, we left the rear bonnet opened, and we left for ice cream. When I got back to the car, people were already surrounding the car and asked me hundreds of questions about the car. Yeah, it was a very beautiful car, but wait for the next project car, it will come up in February!

So bugfest next year, wait for this new car!

After a while, we reached home at around 5.30, a lot earlier than I expected.

So i've got to get ready for the wedding event. See ya all there!

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