December 7, 2005

EOF of the wedding..

Saturday - 3 December 2005.

EOF - stands for end of file, for computing purpose.

It does as well as to me, as it's the end of file of my brother's wedding matters. It's a tiring experience though, well it goes well with learning and gaining new experiences. It's not that easy to do a wedding, but it would be nicely done if everyone is doing their job.

I was drilled, one after another. Just after being drilled to be driving the volkswagon back to Seremban on Friday, on that fine Saturday morning, I was asked by my father to clean the whole house, as at the coming night time, we're gonna have some sort of a 'Pre-Kenduri' for the wedding.

Then, I was asked by my father to drive him and my 2 sisters to Shah Alam. Yes I did went to Azzura's wedding. I don't believe it that people can recognize me over there (what?). I was actually know nobody there accept for those of my father's friends. Azzura was actually a daughter of my parent's friend. I first met them I was so small, I think that time they were staying at Segamat when my family was visiting them. Then, when my father was being transferred to Terengganu, we stayed in the same governmental apartment area, so we became so close to each other.


The father, Zakaria, which my father called him Sarawak, the mom is Auntie Aizan, then Azzura, Azzureena and Alin.

So both families were so close, we children went to school together. Either Auntie Aizan, Uncle Sarawak, My father, ah yes, I've forgotten to mention, Uncle Anip, who used to work with RTM and sometimes do composing songs for artists, will do the job of sending and fetching us from school.

Actually there were 3 very close families.

We went picnic together. We do 'makan-makan' together. We went to swimming pool together. Then my father had to go to the West Germany, so me and all my siblings had to be transferred to our hometown in Melaka. EOF of that.


After going to the wedding, later in the afternoon I went off to Melaka to get the Kuih Bakar. At night, we had the pre-kenduri, and after th pre-kenduri, I went to Subang to fetch Hemsem. I slept at around 3AM. It was a very hectic and tiring day!

Sunday - 4 December 2005

I woke up at 7.30 to fetch Surato, an Indonesian who had helped us a lot in repairing the house. Then, i had light breakfast before going out to the Dewan Kompleks Belia in Paroi to watch over the preparation of the wedding. I appointed my ex-school friend, Aizul to setup the sound system for the wedding, even I was involved in tuning the sounds. My father want it to be not so loud so that people can actually talk to each other during the wedding.

As my father insisted me to play Nasyid songs during the wedding, I had to find the CD in giant then go back home and bathed my self. I called Cop to come over and asked them to get dressed in Baju Melayu. Both Hemsem and Cop would be helping me in the wedding.

I then took my father and the CD to the wedding place at around 11++ AM, where people has actually arrived. I went back home and get myself prepared for the bigger event! The cendol people has also arrived! They've started with the cendol preparations!

There will be around 20++ volkswagon coming, to gather in the surrounding area of my house before convoying to the wedding. It's going to be hillarious! Since cop was around, I asked him to drive my car to send and fetch people from home to the wedding. I even asked him to fetch Nana from the commuter station. She came with her mom and aunt.

At around 11 something, the bride's family arrived and they were all around the house. Then, at around 12.30, the volkswagons has arived and that has made it even worse. I don't know how to handle so many people at once, and I did asked my brother to ask the bride family to leave the drinks table to let the volkswagon people to have their refreshment before convoying to the wedding.

I've no camera with me so I cannot capture that moment where all the pretty volkswagon were parking all around my house. It was an overwhelming scene!

Then at exactly 1, I've asked all the volkswagon drivers to get ready before I lead them to the wedding at 1.10. That was my first time in a convoy of volkswagons, and better, I'm the one to lead the convoy. The feeling was fantastic!

My brother and his wife would be driven to the wedding in one of the volkswagons! We will be moving in a convoy of all those pretty volkswagons!

Arrived at the wedding around 1.35, and we were having a slight problem with parking where STUBBORN NEGERI SEMBILAN people ignored the NO PARKING sign I've made, even RELA people cannot stop those idiots from parking in the space. F*cking surprising, they're not even of the top people like directors or those who i know to be powerful or successful, just a bunch of people who i never know. Pathetic!

While I manage the volkwagons, the wedding started and here they are!

My brother seems to be very happy during the wedding. He looks cheerful and smiling all the time. Maybe because of the drove around in the volkswagon i guess.

Then I spent the rest of the day mingling around with the people who came. I missed seeing a lot of people as most of them came at around 12++ where I was busy at home managing the bride+groom and the convoy thingy. I was like sitting from this table to this table chatting with friends who came.

I was there till late evening, and we left once Suji Bilang reached the place. We left for home and I do think that the wedding is successfully done and I'm pretty happy for what I've done. Not easy but everything can be done if everyone is doing their job. I'm sure mak, abah and all my sisters who had been working so hard for this wedding will be smiling even their sleep. This is the first wedding in the family, and I'm so thankful that all the family members were giving their hands to help.

Wouldn't it be nice when the whole big family gathered in a place and do work together. I miss the gathering moments. How I wish if the whole family can actually live together in the same compound and meet everyday.

There'll be a lot of laughters!

So at the end of the wedding, everyone went back. I mourned. One by one went off. I was like crying when my sisters drove away. Luckily Ikhwan was still at home. THe house that was once full of the loud voices of the old folks, the screamings and cryings of the kids and babies, turned quiet and so peaceful.

I pray that my brother and his wife will live happily ever after. :)

* Thanx to Lego came with his family, Taiko, Firdaus, Tony, Mr. Ng Kim Seng, Ibu to Farhan, Kak Eldynna, Rosli & Sally, Suji Bilang, Romdzi and his whole family, Bob & Malik, Auntie Aizan and family, Nana and her mom and her aunt, Mr. Teo and his Family and so many more.

Big thanks to Hemsem and Cop, for helping me out during the wedding. I owe you guys!

And I'm pretty sad that there are people who I wish to see them coming but they didn't. It's really demotivating me to write.


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