December 18, 2005

Luxurious Wedding :: to appreciate or to boast?

As i've been not watching the prime news for so long, so I did just to get myself updated to the things locally happening.

I was munching on something when suddenly my two cousins were exciting over something on the TV screen. It was the expensive wedding of one of the local artist with a son of some rich guy.

I choked myself to hear the amount of the 'hantaran'. Why does it need to be so expensive?

Some facts about the wedding;

1. The bride is 26 years old but the groom is 32.
2. The groom is not that handsome (my mom said) but the bride is not that pretty.
3. The bride is a struggling artist but the groom is a son of someone rich (car importer)
4. The amount of the 'hantaran' was RM77,888.77
5. Luckily the dowry was just RM22.50

I cannot stop myself from having negative thoughts towards the bride. Does she really love this guy?

To get to know the amount of the 'hantaran' made me think, is it for money or for love? Why don't they just spend another RM10,000.00 for the dowry?

And why should a 32 years old guy, and being rich, why should he go over such an ordinary girl like that, and he's a divorcee with a kid. I think he should be able to look for such a better woman for his life. Is it for love or for the popularity? She's not that popular though, not as popular as Afdlin Shauki or Siti Nurhaliza.

If she got to 'charge' that price, how much you think Siti Nurhaliza would ask? I hope not, because Siti Nurhaliza is a very good girl ;p hehe.

Let us now be kewl, take a deep breathe and ponder about these questions.. (think think [!])

1. Which one is important, the wedding or the marriage?
2. What's the importance of spending a lil bit too much on the wedding?
3. How could we ensure the high price of the hantaran can ensure the happiness or endurance of the wedding?
4. What does the media gotta do with the wedding?

I wish, i can have a cozy wedding reception ceremony in a garden, where everyone is wearing casual clothing, with a rock band playing music. The kompang team would be wearing suits, just like me. I would only invite the close relatives and friends, and i would mingle with everyone of them. I would not want the 'lauk pengantin' for myself. The most important thing for me during the wedding is to mingle with the guesses. The food would be of like the high tea buffet, it doesn't really need to have nasi minyak with all those heavy dishes. And I do really think it's cheap.

But.. guess what...!

My parents, my uncles/aunts and my granmas wouldn't allow such thing to happenlah! Unless i do a separate reception for all my close relatives and friends. Customs or social traditions are still there. But i may do a lil bit of modification over the current method of the wedding being done.

I just want a simple wedding, with not so much hassles, which will actually cause headaches, and my mom nagging because of not doing this and that. Which will cause my sisters to be working extra hours doing this and that for the wedding. And everyone would be happy. It doesn't have to be big. Small wedding is still a wedding but, it has to be unforgetful and memorable.

The most important thing to me is the marriage itself. I just wanna get married once and for all and forever.

Wah i really sounded like a girl today, but even today i'm talking about how my wedding is gonna be looked like, i don't know when am I gonna get married. Maybe 5... or 10 years from now?

Currently, there's a few ongoing breaking ups of the celebrities marriage. How would it feel if once everyone knew about how big the wedding was, but later, people knew about how the great wedding doesn't really endure the marriage.

What i can't understand most is, even if you have problem in your marriage, why do you have to do a press release?

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